SKINS review: Activewear Men’s Linear Tech Fleece Hoodie & Pants

You can buy the SKINS hoodie and trousers separately, or buy and wear them as one tracksuit.

Firstly I do wear hoodies a lot, this could be walking to the gym, walking the dogs, or camping. I rarely wear tracksuit trousers to be fair. After all I am a 38 (nearly) year old man, and I am not sure how often I should be seen in public in a full tracksuit haha.

However I have fallen in love with the full tracksuit. It has especially been useful for my Camping trips. Once you are in the tent for the night, the tracksuit is perfect for chilling in the tent. Yet it is smart enough so you do not feel like a clip walking to the toilets.

I live in the North East of England, so even on hot summer days. The nights can get quite cool. Even at home I like to sit outside with the BBQ on. As a result the tracksuit has become a staple for my garden chilling time.

The reason for this is that the tracksuit does have a noticeable fleece lining, made from “moisture-wicking” cotton. So it is warm and snug, but the fleece isn’t over the top hot. So whilst it keeps you warm, you never feel sweaty. Or at least I haven’t yet. The fleece and thickness of the tracksuit also provides nice protection against the wind. I am not sure how it would feel if you got caught out in the rain though. It might become a bit heavy.

This tracksuit is perfect for spring and autumn days, and summer nights. I love it. It is very comfortable, and well made. As are all the SKINS products I own. This tracksuit would also be ideal for pre and post exercise. For example if you are walking to the 5 a side court, or if you are warming up for a tennis match. I also believe it would be perfect for walking around before and after a running race.

In terms of normal clothes. I would describe the hoodie to be a Slim Fit, and the pants would be a Skinny Fit in relation to Chinos or Jeans. This is ideal for me as this is often how I dress in other clothes. Both the hoodie and pants have quite large elasticated cuffs. This may sound a bit weird, but the are very comfortable and seem to keep the cold out and keep the warm in. It also makes them stand out a bit from normal tracksuits I think. The online size guide is very good. I was actually right on the borderline of Large and Medium, as I prefer tighter fits so I went with the medium size for both. This turned out to be a good choice for me.

All in all for anyone who is active or just loves chilling out, you could make good use of either the hoodie, pants or both. I have found all SKINS products to wear well, even after multiple washes. So I have no reason to believe these will not be to the same standard.

SKINS provided these items in exchange for an honest review.







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