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So What are Exogenous Ketones Anyway?

Since being introduced to the market in 2014, exogenous ketones have grown exponentially in popularity. Unfortunately, due to the newness of the supplement, there is a great deal of misinformation floating around about it. The following will provide you with the proper information regarding exogenous ketones.

Ketones, what are they?

The human body utilizes ketones within the mitochondria as a measure of generating energy. As an alternative to glucose, ketones are a pliable source of fuel. Additionally, ketones are simple compounds that contain two carbon-containing substituents and a central carbon atom double-bonded to an oxygen atom.

Within a single person, there are a trio of ketones that are produced within the liver and are often denoted to as ketone bodies. The trio of ketones are as follows:

• Acetoacetic acid

• Acetone

• Beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB)

Exogenous Ketone Bodies

Exogenous ketone bodies are merely ketones that are able to be ingested via a nutritional supplement. Ketone bodies that have been produced within the liver are called endogenous ketone bodies.

It is imperative that consumers note that most supplements on the market utilize BHB as the foundation for exogenous ketone bodies. This is done by converting BHB into acetoacetic acid, while some quantity is converted via the acetoacetate decarboxylase waster pathway into acetone.


Exogenous ketone supplements deliver users with an instantaneous supply of ketones. There are several exogenous ketone supplements available today, such as InstaKetones, Pruvit Keto OS, and many more supplements are entering the marketing every year.  It does need to be noted that the long-term effects of combining supplements with a non-ketogenic diet are currently unknown. The research pertaining to this area is in the earliest of stages, therefore a physician will need to be consulted before incorporating the supplement.

Benefits of Use

Such supplements are able to deliver users a variant of benefits. Such benefits include anti-inflammatory properties, weight loss efficiency, cognitive improvement, and prevention of cancer.

Additional benefits are as follows:

• Appetite suppression

• Athletic enhancement

• Neuroprotection

• Gene regulation profile change

Negatives of Ketone Supplements

As with most other supplements, there are [plausible] negatives and side effects. The most common that are associated with exogenous ketone supplements are as follows:

• Halitosis – the supplements will begin to metabolize fat creating bad breath. There is fairly little that can be done to combat this side effect.

• Electrolyte imbalance – Frequent urination and rapid electrolyte depleting will cause this to occur.

• Hypoglycemia – the use of the supplements can cause a user’s blood glucose levels to become low.

• [Possible] flatulence/GI distress – Taken in large doses, GI distress can result. More specially, consuming high doses can leave one riddled with flatulence. This can be improved as the body becomes more familiar with the supplements over time.

In Conclusion

Realistically speaking, there are times that eating a diet that is fully ketogenic isn’t desired or feasible. Such a diet is difficult for most people to follow due to it being so restrictive. Additionally, there are people that find themselves suffering from decreased energy when following such a diet. As a remedy for these issues, exogenous ketone supplements are ideal. The supplements tend to work best when used between meals.

Do note that athletes that consume carbs for performance will not receive the full benefits of the supplements– what will occur are workouts that are powered for longer spans of time.

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