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Biltong St Marcus sent me some Biltong to review, and you can use the coupon code KETOCARNIVORE to get 10% off the STM Energia range.


St Marcus Fine Foods Ltd was established in 1983. They have a mission statement of providing traditional South African foods and flavours to their customers. They have a fresh butchers section on their website, as well as traditional South African groceries.


However it is their STM Energia Biltong range they wanted me to review. The biltong is formulated to be high in protein, low in fat and low in carbs. The range is aimed at athletes, who want to keep their protein levels up using real food. Rather than potentially sugary protein shakes. It is actually quite hard for people on a Standard Western Diet to get sufficient protein from real food, this is even more apparent in people who are exercising also.


Now my diet is best described as a Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet. This means I only eat animal products, and fatty animal products at that. So my diet is very low in carbs, moderately high in protein and high in fat. So you would not think this Biltong would be much use to me, as I require my meat to come with fat usually. Whilst this is not a product I would use everyday, as I eat a nice amount of fat and protein anyway. These products are useful to me on Gym days, for an extra protein boost. A tasty protein boost!


STM Engeria comes in 5 flavours. The 4 beef flavours are all made from Grass-fed beef, which is good as they will have lots of nice vitamins and minerals. The rest of the ingredients are natural, which is excellent for any sort of sensible low carb diet. The turkey jerky is not something I would buy going forward, as it contains Wheat and Sugar. So it does not align with my beliefs. Although all the beef ones do.


They do all taste excellent though, regardless of some of my ingredient issues. I have had some Biltong before, and bad biltong can be really tough and hard. These are perfect, really easy to chew, full of flavour and intensity. The Lean Pepper Biltong was my favourite, just. The Lean Chilli Biltong ran it close mind.


I am a big believer in eating real food to get your daily nutrition, and I can easily fit the STM Engeria into my daily macros. As well as supplementing my gym days, these could provide a valuable snack option when I am hiking and camping. Snacks on the go are especially difficult on Keto, less so on Carnivore but they can still be a problem. So these would be a useful tool for this area of my life too.


If you like Biltong then try these, if you don’t like Biltong then still try them.

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