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Over the years we have been told to cut calories, cut saturated fat, cut cholesterol, meat causes cancer, eat your “healthy” wholegrains and get your 5 a day. We have actually been quiet good at following this advice, and as a result we are effectively devolving. People know we are all getting fat and sick, but they do not know how to break the cycle they are in. I suggest you go back to a time when there was no obesity, no allergies, and no chronic dietary disease. This time was from about 2 million years ago until about 12,000 years ago. Throughout this time period, we predominantly ate large portions of meat. When I say large, I mean almost exclusively.

      1. Body Composition – If you are overweight, you will lose weight. If you are underweight you will gain weight. This is because your body will find it’s natural weight, it’s healthy weight.
      2. Time saving – we live in a hectic world filled with decision fatigue. Do you have time to be constantly counting calories, counting points, adding up syns, writing meal plans or walking into a supermarket with a food list 2 pages long. I don’t. I buy meat, fish, eggs and cheese. On top of this I usually do all my cooking in a cast iron pan or oven. I even just eat with my hands now, as I can’t be bothered to wash the knife and fork afterwards.
      3. Feasting – when you eat fatty meat. It fills you up but you also stay full. So you generally end up only eating twice a day. There are numerous benefits of intermittent fasting, and it occurs naturally on a Carnivore Diet. If you find yourself grazing constantly, it is a sign your diet is not optimal.
      4. Amino Acids – animal protein contains all the essential amino acids you require in the exact ratios you need. The easiest way to build animal tissue, is to eat animal tissue.
      5. Vitamins and Minerals – animal protein comes with built in animal fat, this contains all the vitamins and minerals you need. A lot of people are unaware that a lot of the main vitamins and minerals are fat soluble. So they need to be absorbed into your body within fat.
      6. Omnivore – we are rightly classed as an omnivore because we can survive on animals and plants. This does not mean you will they are both equal. Our digestive system is primarily designed to eat meat, we can live on plants but it is not optimal. The standard western diet provides around 70% of its calories from carbohydrates, we are currently the sickest and most overweight version of humans ever.

Check out my Carnivore Diet Page for more reading on this subject.


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