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A little milestone today, 100k views of my blog. The blog has been up and running for 22 months now, however 37% of my views have come in the last 3 months. So the view rate has noticeably increased since December. This coincided with me changing from a standard Ketogenic Diet, to a fatty meat Carnivore Diet which still hits my Ketogenic macros.

First and foremost my blog is a personal journey of health and fitness. However the underlining goal is to help others. Nutrition and Fitness is a minefield of bias and stubbornness, humans probably only get more touchy about religion.

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If I was to go to all my family and friends and tell them I think they are eating absolute crap and they need to sort themselves out, they would just tell me to F off or cry. Humans have to find their own way in regards to diet, everyone has their own trigger points and ah ha moments that change their own path on the road to health and fitness. So my ultimate goal is to show my family and friends that there are alternatives to the standard dogma. I am going out on a limb and experimenting on myself, so that my family and friends do not need to. They can look at me, observe what I am doing and consider the complications of how I am eating. Then if or when they hit a trigger point and want to make a change, they can look at what I have done and have a different option they may try.

I have done lots of reading on my lifestyle, and I have lived it for over 2 years. This means you can avoid all the little experiments I did and jump right into the deep end with me.

Whatever you do, take responsibility for your own health. Do not leave it in the hands of doctors, dietitians, governments, companies, organisations and charities.

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