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My March Food exploits

Barring the Easter weekend where I ate every carb known to man, I am still really enjoying the Carnivore Diet. I still enjoy eating patties, eggs, steak, bacon and cheese. Come on who wouldn’t enjoy eating these all the time. What was nice was that even after a long Easter cheat, I bounced back pretty quickly and soon fell into fat adaption again. As I have been doing Keto and Carnivore for so long now, once any naughty carbs are burnt off I drop right back into fat burning without much drama. I am not fighting any metabolic diseases, so I don’t feel that guilty on the rare occasions I cheat.

However now I need to get to a target weight of 75kg or 11st11 so that I can start taking my Concept 2 rowing seriously. I need to get into the lightweight category to be competitive. So carb binges are off the table for a while. I actually don’t think I will have to diet or restrict anything in my attempt to get the 75kg. I am hoping my Carnivore Diet will do this, along with the strength conditioning I will be doing. If this is not the case, I will have to think about maybe going a bit leaner with the cuts of meat or reducing my cheese consumption. Apart from that there isn’t much I can do, apart from hope my natural body weight is under 75kg, which I think it probably is.

My Exercise exploits

March started off in a blaze of glory. I was feeling fit and motivated. I was enjoying my gym time, my rowing and I was starting to get excited for the Manchester Marathon on the 8th April.

Then it all went tits up, I injured my knee on the 10th March. I have been unable to do any running since then. I have also been unable to row or lift. Mainly because along with the knee injury, hip and lower back soreness came along for the ride.

I don’t know what I did or how I did it, but all three were obviously linked.

I am writing this post on the 5th April, and I intend to start a strength and conditioning program on the week commencing 9th April. This will be the start of my summer training block. This will be focused on building strength and targeting sprint times on the Concept 2 rower. I will need to get down to the lightweight category of 75kg before I truly take the sprints seriously.

3rd March

10*100m rowing intervals with 2 minutes rest.

I also did half an hour on the treadmill and half an hour on the exercise bike.

5th March

Then I did a bit of Leg work:

85kg squats 3s5r
85kg deadlifts 3s5r
40kg waking lunges 10
6th March
Chest and Back day session in the Gym.
Pull ups 10
Chest Press machine 45kg to failure
Chin Ups 7
Shoulder Press machine 20kg to failure
Pull ups 4
Reverse Flyes 19k to failure
Flyes 26kg to failure
Chin Ups 5
Dumbbell Chest Press 30kg 10r
Pull Ups 3
Dumbbell shoulder Press 15kg 10r
Chin Ups 5
Arnold Press 15kg 10r
10th March
I was mid way through a 20 mile run and hurt my knee, hip and lower back.
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