SKINS kindly provided me with a pair of these tights, to provide an honest review.

Who are SKINS

SKINS is a compression focused sports clothing company. They believe their compression gear helps boost training, performance, and speed recovery.

About the DNAmic Thermal Men’s Compression L/SMock with Zip 

All the benefits of compression clothing and thermal clothing combined in one. Long sleeved and high neck with a top zip.

Size Guide

Easy to follow online size guide. I was right between a M and L so picked the medium as I wanted it to be tight.


Arrived in good time and in sensible packaging. Everything you would expect from an online purchase.


I have had the thermal tights to match this top for a while. So getting the top was a no brainer to match. I love the design. The top is distinctive and stylish in my opinion. Everything I have come to expect from SKINS.


As with all the compression gear I have got from skins. The top is tight fitting, but never restrictive. You can feel it holding where it should hold but it is never uncomfortable. It is a good length and is fitted at the bottom, so that it does not ride up. The arm length is good and again the cuffs do not ride up. Basically an excellent compression top.


I have worn this top throughout the late autumn and winter months. I live in the north east of England so thermal wear for running is needed. I have ran in some below zero temperatures and the top was perfect for these conditions. I have also worn it in less extreme conditions and it provided a pleasant running experience. I have worn this top with the Jedeye Puffer Jacket and in these occasions you really need to make sure it is cold, because it can get a bit hot wearing both.


It provides compression you can feel, with provide sufficient warmth and it looks good. It ticks all the boxes. I highly recommend.

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