SKINS kindly provided me with a pair of these trousers, to provide an honest review.

Who are SKINS

SKINS is a compression focused sports clothing company. They believe their compression gear helps boost training, performance, and speed recovery.

About the Jedeye Training Pant 

They are a wind and water resistant trouser with quilted panels. They are designed to provide extra protection against the cold and to go over your compression shorts or tights.

Size Guide

The size guide online is really straight forward. My waist is 32 inches so that is right in the middle of a Medium. So that is what I ordered.


Arrived in good time and in sensible packaging. Everything you would expect from an online purchase.


I have never seen anything like these before. They are half loose running tight and half a coat for your legs. A little weird to describe. However I think they are pretty cool looking. The trousers are well branded, so people know you are wearing SKINS but the logos are not too in your face.


The fit really well around your waist and there is a cord if you need to tighten them a bit. However mine stay up without needing to do that. Plus you need to remember they are designed to go over the top of shorts of tights. The quilting is quite thick to provide the weather protection, but they are no point feel heavy or clumsy. The bottom half of the trousers are loose but not baggy, and they are a good length for me.


I have worn these trousers in all weathers. They certainly provide protection from the weather as well as a bit extra warmth. As I am from the north east of England and I am a bit soft haha, I do like to be warm. I generally wear these with SKINS thermal tights, and I have never being dissatisfied with them. If they are anything like the thermal compression tights, then I know they will last a long time too.


These trousers are light, comfortable, effective and do what they claim to do. If you live in an area where you require a little extra protection from the elements, then I would not hesitate to recommend these.

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