SKINS kindly provided me with this jacket, to provide an honest review.

Who are SKINS

SKINS is a compression focused sports clothing company. They believe their compression gear helps boost training, performance, and speed recovery.

About the Jedeye Run Puffer Jacket

It is an activewear quilted puffer jacket, which is also windproof. It is best used over the top of a SKINS Compression top. To provide extra protection from the cold.

Size Guide

The online size guide is very good. I was right on the border of M and L, I chose the Medium as I prefer a tighter fit. This was the right choice and it fits perfectly.


The item arrived quickly and packaged in a sensible manner. Everything you would expect from a good online purchase.


I am a big fan of all the SKINS products I have. I love this puffer jacket. It is very stylish in my opinion. It looks and feels well made, yet is light and flexible. The SKINS branding is noticeable but I don’t feel it is garish. The hood also look good down, but provides a lightweight protection when up on your head.


The fit is perfect for my body shape. It is slim fitting but at no times is it restrictive. The arm length is spot on, The cuffs are great also, and have the straps that wrap around your hands. Meaning the sleeves never ride up.


I live in the north east of England, and it is winter. So it is pretty cold up here. This puffer jacket has proved vital for my winter marathon training. I quickly learnt that the puffer jacket coupled with a compression top was a little over the top unless it was very cold. As a pairing they were often too effective. The quilted panels provide warmth and take the edge off most wind chills. If you regularly train in an environment where just a thermal top is insufficient, then this puffer jacket is a must. Or sometimes a normal compression top with the puffer jacket works when it is not cold enough for a thermal compression top.


Great product, well made, stylish and effective. It is a great addition to a runners wardrobe.

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