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Post Summary

  • Shawn Baker’s #meatheals.
  • The Carnivore Eating Diaries – is supplementation helpful or is it just filling gaps you should be filling with food.
  • The Carnivore Running Diaries – My recent running and strength training exploits.

Meat Heals

For reasons too ridiculous to repeat and/or too complicated for me to understand. There is a mainstream drive to push Plants down our throat’s. To reinforce the efforts, they at the same time try to demonize Meat.

Shawn Baker is attempting to put together a collection of Carnivore Diet success stories to fight back against this agenda. I have submitted mine. If you are a Carnivore, then submit yours too:

carnivore, carnivore diet, keto, ketogenic diet, zero carb, zero carb diet, lchf, meat heals, nequalsmanyThe Carnivore Eating Diaries

Is supplementation helpful or is it just filling gaps you should be filling with food. This has been something I have thought about the last 6 months or so.

Before my Low Carb journey I was a sucker for a supplement, once I took my health by the horns I became an even bigger sucker for supplements. You name it, maca powder, apple cider vinegar with mother, multi vitamins, fish oils, magnesium oil etc etc.

It is now my belief that a diet should contain all the nutrition, vitamins and minerals you need from food. Whilst this doesn’t apply to people with medical issues who may NEED to supplement, I am talking about the average healthy ish person.

Therefore any diet where you have to supplement, then the diet is insufficient for your needs and you should ditch it. You should be able to get all your needs from food alone.

I got to this point in the latter stages of when I was on Keto. I came to the conclusion supplementation was pointless and if Keto was as good as I thought it was, I should be able to get everything I needed from food alone. I carried this into my Carnivore Diet. Even though I only eat Meat and Fish now, I take no supplements. I have felt no ill effects from stopping supplements. In my opinion it is just marketing nonsense. It is also true that synthetic vitamins and minerals are often used in these supplements, and your body just can’t use them like if they were from food.

I think we have just become too clever, whereby we think we can hack everything and cut corners. Which is actually very stupid. I am finding that red meat can provide everything you need. We all think us humans are so different, countries, race and religion etc. However our digestive system is very much the same, and genetic variability is greatly overestimated. If I can survive and in fact thrive on meat and fish, then 99.99% of every human on the planet can too.

My weeks eating exploits:


8am – 2 rashers of bacon and 2 small sausages.

1pm – 3 chicken legs.

8pm – 375g beef patty and cheese.


8am – 125g beef patty and cheese.

1pm – 300g beef casserole steak and 3 boiled eggs.

8pm – 400g Lamb joint.


8am – 300g Bacon.

1pm – 100g Bacon, 300g Beef casserole steak, 3 boiled eggs.

5pm – chicken legs and thighs.


8am – 300g Bacon.

1pm – 100g Bacon, 3 chicken legs, 50g lamb.

8pm – 350g beef joint, and 100g beef patty and cheese.


1pm – 300g beef patties and cheese, 2 chicken drumsticks.

7pm – 300g Gammon Steak, 2 boiled eggs.


9am – 400g beef patties and cheese.

6pm – 400gbeef patties and cheese.


10am – 300g beef joint.

1pm – 200g beef patties and cheese.

7pm – Sunday Lunch.


The Carnivore Running Diaries

Snow and Ice played havoc with my running this week, so I had a pretty poor week exercise wise. If this cold weather continues, I may need to join a gym short term, to at least get some treadmill work in. This is a worst case scenario though, as I find running on a treadmill extremely tedious.


20 press ups and 7 chin ups.


20 press ups and 7 chin ups.


20 press ups and 7 chin ups.


Went to the gym. I did 6 miles on the treadmill. Then threw some kettlebells about for a bit, as well as some pull ups.


20 press ups and 7 chin ups.


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