The Carnivore Diet Diaries: Carnivore Diet with Joe Rogan and Shawn Baker (Zero Carb Diet) + Supermarket’s sell you ill health not variety + Keto Zero Carb Marathon Training

Carnivore Diet on the Joe Rogan Podcast with Shawn Baker, food variety myth and zero carb marathon training.

Post Summary:

  • Joe Rogan & Shawn Baker podcast
  • Food variety myth
  • My Zero Carb running

Joe Rogan & Shawn Baker podcast

Check out the podcast

I only average 150 views a day on this little blog, since this podcast came out I have had 2000 views in 3 days. They obviously do not mention me, but everyone who listened to the podcast must have jumped onto google and typed “carnivore diet”. Cheers guys haha.

Food Variety Myth

So at the moment I am eating mostly meat most of the time. However I am not really eating a massive range of meat either. I am probably 80% beef, 10% lamb and 10% pork. I don’t even bother with chicken much and I rarely eat fish.

I think this lack of variety freaks people out just as much as the copious amounts of protein and lack of vegetables. Even when I was on a more traditional Keto diet, people would always say “oh I could never do that, I would get bored of eating the same things all the time”.

I am over simplify things here but people “crave” variety for 2 reasons nowadays.

  1. An actual desire that your body is telling you that you need to eat something because you are lacking in something it needs.
  2. Your mind just playing tricks with you because of what society, advertising and branding is telling you what you should have. So you think you need it.

I am currently craving no carbs, no vegetables, nothing. This tells me that red meat is supplying everything my body needs. However ignore me, lets looks at all the great variety of food in supermarkets

The Veg aisle:

All varieties of Kale, Brocolli, Cauliflower, Brussell Sprouts are all actually the same mustard plant, that humans engineered into different shapes and sizes.

The same goes for the nightshade plant which we have spliced into Potatoes, Tomatoes, Peppers, aubergines. Lets not forget Nightshade has been used as poison for centuries.

Same goes for red/white/yellow Onions, shallots, Garlic, Spring Onions. All derived from the same plant through humans fiddling.

Therefore probably 80-90% of the vegetable aisle actually come from 3 traditional plants, not much variety there.

This really does make a mockery of anyone that tries to tell you that we were as much gatherers as hunters back in the day. There just wasn’t the variety of veg as there is now, most of the veg we have now is a few hundred years old at most. Plus it would have been seasonal at best, because we actually evolved through the ice age. Also plants were pretty poisonous before were learned to cook them. Raw Potato anyone?

Biscuits ailse

I used to love a Hob Nob or a Digestive biscuit. How many different types of biscuits/bars do most supermarkets stock? 50/60/maybe 100? A lot anyway. What variety do these offer your body though. No much. They are all just different ratios of Grains and Sugar.

Bread aisle

Nothing more than a combination of flours (Grains) and sugar.

Cereal aisle

See above, and add a tonne more Sugar to the grains.

Pasta aisle

Pasta is just ultra processed Grain. All the sauces they sell, usually contain plenty sugar too.

Soda ailse

A full aisle of carbonated water mixed with sugar or sweeteners that replace sugar but affect your hormones in the same manner. Great!

Cakes aisle

You guessed it, nothing more than a combination of grains and sugar.


Your digestive system deals in nutrition, that is the only currency. Bread, pasta, cereals, oats, biscuits, cake, sweets, vegetables… they are all sugar to your body with varying degrees of protein, vitamins and fat hidden in them. The body will continue to request food until it gets enough protein & vitamins it requires to do it’s magic. If it has to get that protein leverage through copious amounts of processed carbs it can do it, but you will only cause yourself ill health and obesity. Usually both, but if you are “lucky” you might get away with one.

Supermarkets offer a shocking range of variety if you think about it. It is mainly just grains and sugar. This is because these products are cheap to make and distribute.

Grain and Sugar are processed plants. This is why even though a large portion of people will not class themselves as vegetarian, the average person is consuming a whopping 84% of calories from plants. So anyone who says plants are good, just point to the rates of obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Meat, fat, cholesterol are not the issues, its the fact people are proxy processed junk food vegetarians.


My weekly eating exploits:


8am – 200g beef patties and cheese.

1pm – 500g of brisket and 2 boiled eggs.

8pm – 400g beef patties and cheese.


8am – 2 small sausages and 2 rashers of bacon.

1pm – 500g of brisket and 2 boiled eggs.

10pm – 2 mini pizza, a packet of crisps…. Whoops!


8am – 300g bacon.

1pm – 400g of casserole beef steak and 2 boiled eggs.

8pm – 250g fillet steak, and 100g prawns.


8am – 300g bacon.

1pm – 400g of casserole beef steak and 2 boiled eggs.

8pm – 300g rump steak and 2 fried eggs.


8am – 300g bacon.

1pm – 400g of casserole beef steak and 2 boiled eggs.

8pm – 300g beef patties and cheese.


2pm – 400g of lamb joint

6pm – Beef pie, and snickers

9pm – 100g Lamb joint.


10am – 300g bacon.

1pm – Sunday Lunch

7pm – 300g lamb joint.

For the most part I had a decent Carnivore week, but slipped up on 3 meals. This was down to social life, which will happen around xmas time. So not to bothered about it.


The Carnivore Running Diaries

I got three solid runs in this week. I should have maybe done a little bit more than two 4 milers, maybe a 4 and a 6 miler but overall I was happy with them.

The long 20 miler was a slog, they never get any easier haha. Probably a mental issue as well as a physical one. However considering I do all my training food fasted, and I live a zero carb lifestyle. I think I do OK haha.



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  1. So where exactly are you getting any nutrients?


    1. ketogenicendurance December 11, 2017 at 3:32 pm

      All from the meat. No veg, no fiber and life is good. I am guessing you are thinking Vit C for example? Things like that? If so check out –


      1. No, I was thinking more about what you get from greens and cruciferous veggies.

      2. ketogenicendurance December 11, 2017 at 3:49 pm

        Gas ? 🙂

        I actually like veg so I am not someone that has cut them out because I didn’t like them.

        I did it for an experiment and felt better so carried on with it. Still feeling good.

        People have be doing Carnivore for upwards of 20 years, no offal, no supplements, no plants. It took me by surprise for sure, I used to be a big advocate of 5 a day.

      3. I’m keto myself but more fat and plants based

      4. ketogenicendurance December 11, 2017 at 3:59 pm

        Cool, I was keto for 20 mths or so before dropping the plants. Funny thing is I eat fatty meat and my macros aren’t far off traditional keto anyway. 1% c, 34% p, 65% fat.

      5. Yea, my concern would just be the nutrients

  2. ketogenicendurance December 12, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    It is certainly a niche way of thinking about nutrition, if you want more info search for podcasts from Shawn Baker MD and Amber O’Hearn. Plus Joe Andersen on twitter.


  3. Where are you getting your Omega-3? It’s one of the most important fats and ideally you will get a few grams per day. I was under the impression most meats are fairly low in it, with the exception of some specifically bred animals (beef being the best so maybe this is it). The other nutrient worry would be iodine. Both are found primarily in sea foods and both are linked strongly to good health.


    1. ketogenicendurance January 11, 2018 at 9:37 pm

      There are a lot of reasons not to do it. However I feel better doing it over standard Keto. I am confident if I need something from fish, I would crave it. I don’t mind fish, but I am just not feeling like eating it. Beef and Lamb are the 2 things I am mainly desiring.


      1. Fully carnivorous diets are of course completely doable but they require eating specific parts of the animal to get the complete nutrient profile. For example carnivorous populations such as the Eskimo’s and Massai, consume everything. Livers are the best source of Vitamin A, bone marrow is absolutely packed with nutrients, fish and other sea food for iodine, selenium and omega acids. Vitamin C can be a struggle as well, often sourced from the skin of specific animals, some groups explicitly catching and killing Narwhals for their high vitamin C content, eating the skin and upper fatty area raw.

        I can’t pretend to know the nutrient balance of beef and lamb, however be wary of running short on something. A frontier disease caused by eating just rabbits was due to a lack of vitamin E. It’s a fat soluble one and rabbits are not particularly fatty, not a problem I’m sure for what you are eating but just a good example of how restricting to certain foods can cause problems. It’s best to try and search to see if you are getting all those micronutrients from what you are eating. Relying entirely on cravings might not work if you don’t have access to certain foods. You can’t crave liver if you have not had it before, and never see it, for example!

        Best of luck!

      2. ketogenicendurance January 12, 2018 at 9:31 am

        I don’t have a problem with anything you have said above, and it is things I myself have mulled over and researched.

        In general I think we have become to clever regarding nutrition, which has led us to become more stupid 🙂

        We are trying to think to micro, whereas our body works in macros. It needs building blocks, and vitamins and minerals to convert energy. I know on a macro level I feel good, but it is very possible the wheels might fall off at some point.

        Also I have learnt that the RDA’s for someone on high carb is night and day from someone on high fat. ie Glucose and Vitamin C compete for the same pathway into your cells, so the more glucose you consume the more vitamin c you need. People on meat only diets need very little vit c, and meat does actually contain vit c even though most nutritional guides will say meat has 0%.

        Innovation leads to scientific breakthroughs in life. Not the other way round. Someone has to do something, for scientists to try to prove the why. You need enough idiots like me to thrive on meat only, for it to peak the scientists interest to do more work on it.

        It fascinating stuff, and who know’s in 5 years time I might be a vegan 😉

      3. Very true. I’m looking forward to seeing what research unveils in the coming years.

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