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Post Summary:

  • The Carnivore Eating Diaries – Why putting on weight is a negative you can turn into a positive, plus my weekly carnivore menu.
  • The Carnivore Running Diaries – my recent running exploits.

The Carnivore Eating Diaries

I am not being glib here, people that are overweight are lucky. People may think I am being insensitive, and I know a lot of people suffer mentally and physically with being overweight. However hear me out.

Up until I was 25 I could pretty much eat what I want. Then as with a lot of people the weight started to creep on. Then throughout the coming years I would gain and lose weight with periods or dieting or letting loose. However I would always put on more weight than I lost year my year. At the age of 35 I was the heaviest I ever was, 15st 2 / 212 pounds / 96kg. I am 37 now and weight 12st 2 / 168 pounds / 76kg. With the help of a low carb lifestyle, I am now the same weight as I was when I was 21.

Now I feel lucky to have put that 15st on because it inspired me to find a whole new way of thinking about nutrition.

If you are overweight, that means your body has reacted to everything you have eaten up until that point. It is giving you a feedback loop. It is saying what you have fed me has resulted in stored body fat. So be happy that your body reacts to what you eat, and be positive and believe that it will react in a good way if you improve your diet. If you are overweight overhaul your nutrition, and allow your body time to react to the changes.

Like I say, you should be grateful that your body shows external signs that your diet is not what your body needs. I am happy my body is like this. In my opinion it is far worse if you are a person that does not put on weight. You are not getting feed back on what you are eating because your weight does not increase. So you have no incentive to change the way you eat, because you will think what I am eating must be alright. The problem is you are not seeing the internal damage of a bad diet, for example brown fat around your organs or calcium/plaque build up in your heart. Then BOOM something major hits you when you are older. I am OK because I believe I know how to eat, and its very hard to over eat on Protein and Fat because it is so satiating. It is incredibly easy to over eat pasta, bread, chocolate, cake and sweets. Nowadays my weight is easily managed and importantly in a way which will provide long term health. All because my body likes to get chubby when I eat crap haha.

Carnivore Diet, Zero Carb Diet, Ketogenic Diet

My weeks worth of carnivore grub.


8am – 2 rashers of Bacon and 2 fried eggs.

1pm – 500g Lamb joint.

8pm – 400g beef patties, 2 rashers of bacon and 1 fried egg.


8am – 2 rashers of Bacon and 2 fried eggs.

1pm – 500g Lamb joint.

8pm – 400g beef patties, 2 rashers of bacon and 1 fried egg.


8am – 2 rashers of Bacon and 2 fried eggs.

1pm – 400g Pork shoulder.

8pm – 450g beef patty and cheese.


8am – 5 rashers of Bacon and 2 fried eggs.

1pm – 400g Pork shoulder.

8pm – 400g lamb patty and cheese.


8am – 300g bacon.

1pm – 400g Pork shoulder.

8pm – 200g beef patty and cheese.


11am – 300g beef patties and cheese.

2pm – 2 sausages and 2 rashers of bacon.

7pm – 400g Ribeye steak, and 2 fried eggs.


9am – 300g bacon.

12pm – 200g lamb patties and cheese.

6pm – 500g lamb patties and cheese.


The Carnivore Running Diaries

The trials and tribulations of winter training hit me this week. I went for a short run on Tuesday morning, then I was going to build up with longer runs as the week progressed. However the snow came and it took a few days to melt, and for the ice to disappear. Managed to get 2 runs in though.



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