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Post Summary:

  • The Carnivore Eating Diaries – Fat & Language, my recent eating exploits
  • The Carnivore Running Diaries – review of my last weeks Running

The Carnivore Eating Diaries

If you think about language and how it spread and was used. Then the connotations used around the word “fat” would be indicative of how highly a society viewed eating fat. I would say in today’s world fat has a negative connotation in general, and it can put people off actually eating fat. However there has probably only being a negative association with the word fat in the last 20 to 30 years. This coincided with nutritional guidelines wrongly demonizing saturated fat and cholesterol. You can see in this Article how the sugar industry has been front and center in making people think poorly of fat.

Before this the word Fat was mainly viewed in a positive light. Here is an excellent study, which looks at how societies have used the word fat throughout history.

Here are some examples taken from the study:

  1. “Yolngu tribe of Arnhm the word for fat – Djukurr – also means power” 
  2. “In Cameroon, in Masa vocabulary, tifuna, ‘eating the sorghum cake’, means living; but to lead a good life is timulu, eating fat stuff”
  3. “India – The Sanskrit word for Earth – Medini, means having fatness”
  4. “New Guinea – The Melapa word kopong, ‘grease’ also mean ‘semen’ and stand for health and fertility.”

Also – “The sampled languages were: Arabic, Azeri, Bengali, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Maori, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Welsh. The most common synonyms were:
1. Rich – 28 of the 31 sampled languages
2. Fertile – 27 of the 31 sampled languages
3. Abundant – 14 of the 31 sampled languages
4. Lucrative – 12 of the 31 sampled languages
5. Powerful – 9 of the 31 sampled languages”

So throughout the ages languages has associated fat with terms such as Rich, Fertile, Abundant, Lucrative and powerful. Unfortunately nowadays Fat seems to be generally linked with obesity, laziness and greediness. The funny thing is eating fat results in none of these. I eat a lot of meat and fat, I have maintained a significant weight loss, I have the energy to train for a marathon, and I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. So when you eat meat and fat you avoid the terms Fat is lumbered with. We should be trading the today’s meanings for Fat with that of Carbs and processed Sugar.


This week my eating exploits were –


Lunch – 4 Chicken thighs

Dinner – 500g Beef heart


Breakfast – 250g Bacon

Lunch – 400g casserole steak

Dinner – 500g beef patties and cheese


Breakfast – 250g Bacon and 2 scrambled eggs

Lunch – 400g casserole steak

Dinner – 500g beef patties and cheese


Breakfast – 250g Bacon and 2 scrambled eggs

Lunch – 400g casserole steak

Dinner – 500g beef patties and cheese


Breakfast – 250g Bacon and 2 scrambled eggs

Lunch – 400g casserole steak

Dinner – 500g beef patties and cheese


Lunch – 400g Rump Steak and 4 scrambled eggs.

Dinner – 400g Rump Steak and 4 Fried eggs.


Lunch – 400g Rump Steak, bag of salt and vinegar crisps.

Dinner – Shepherds Pie.


The Carnivore Running Diaries

3 nice runs this week. The 20 miler was very tough, there is just no where flat to run in County Durham. It is very very very annoying haha.



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