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  • I will look at some rather silly misconceptions of a meat heavy diet
  • A look at the Weight Watchers and Slimming World
  • A review of my recent Carnivore exploits.

Why I am not a ticking time bomb of Heart Disease.

The last 2 years I have been low carb high fat to varying degrees. This form of eating freaks a lot of people out, because since the 1970’s there has been a bigger and bigger push to demonize Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. Unfortunately this stemmed from bad science and conflicts of interest. Recently I have inched towards a more Carnivore Diet, which freaks people out even more. In a good carnivore day my macro splits are around 1% carbs, 34% protein, and 65% fat. Derived mainly from animal fat rather than the more liberal additional fats in a Keto Diet. So I class my carnivore diet, as a modified Keto Diet of Very Low Carb High Protein Pretty High Fat!

My diet consists of no plant matter (apart from coffee), eggs, lots of fatty cuts of red meat cooked in butter, and cheese. So I am going to drop dead any moment according to the Food Pyramid apologists.

Fortunately friends and family know I am a bit weird, and they don’t pay much attention to my dietary thoughts. So they don’t give me too much grief on it. Unfortunately friends and family know I am a bit weird, and they don’t pay much attention to my dietary thoughts. So they they are not going to get the health benefits you get from cutting carbs.

Whenever anyone does ask me about the way I eat, the same questions crop up.

Oh lordy your cholesterol will be through the roof, and you need to keep your cholesterol low idiot!

All the eggs and steak I eat will lead to high cholesterol and saturated fat in my blood, which in turn guarantees I will die of Heart Disease blah blah. Check out the eggs and steak hyperlinks for the studies.

Yes my cholesterol will increase for sure. My HDL (good cholesterol) will rise a lot. The fluffy LDL (the good part of the so called bad cholesterol will rise, but not as much as the HDL. Importantly my triglycerides (bad part of the so called bad cholesterol) will plummet.  So I will have an extremely healthy cholesterol ratio. Even the Triglycerides only help towards heart disease, when you have inflamed arterial walls where plaque can build up. Eggs and red meat actually lower inflammation, so I will not have artery wall issues either. Sugar and a high carb diets, actually increase triglycerides and arterial wall damage. Plus saturated fat in the blood is a by product from your Liver dealing with sugar, dietary saturated fat does not enter the blood stream. Sorry, not sorry.

You shouldn’t eat all that red meat, it leads to cancer and stuff!

Absolute horse sh*t. Ignore all the crap you have seen in newspaper articles etc. Let’s just think about this logically. We have eaten very high quantities of red meat for millions of years. Why all of a sudden would it start causing us cancer? Cancer has only become a “thing” when we started farming plants, increasing sugar consumption and eating processed foods. We are made of meat, we require building blocks (amino acids) in certain ratios to build and maintain our own structure, it makes sense to then eat red meat that has the said correct ratios, no?

You can eat as much red meat as your body signals for, but this does not include processed meat. That does need moderation, see here and here. Your body needs the building blocks to maintain and repair its structure. That amount doesn’t really change, unless you are purposely adding on muscle. You must get this amount to allow your body to be maintained. Carbs and processed meat are inflammation causing twats, don’t get sucked into the meat is bad propaganda. Grain & Sugar companies will use epidemiological studies to manufacture facts about the horrors of meat but it is always based on processed meat or conjecture and bias.

Erm you do know fat makes you fat right!

This is getting less or a question now, because people have seen that I have lost a noticeable amount of weight and importantly kept it off. However I would not be surprised that they think I am restricting calories or that it will bite me on the arse eventually.

Once I got used to the kind of stuff I could eat on Keto, I stopped counting calories. I still carried on losing weight. On my new carnivore diet it is even more pointless counting calories. All I do is eat meat and cheese until I am full. I eat when hungry and stop when I am full. Isn’t that the way we should eat. The reason people have to count calories nowadays is that we are eating so much crap, crap that doesn’t fill you up, and crap that screws your hormones. Humans are designed to be built lean and muscular. If you were in decent shape when you were 20/21, that is pretty much what you should weigh at any age after. I was 12st when I was 21, I was 15st at 35, after 2 years of low carb I am 12st3. Carbs and sugar are making obese the new normal. It is a sad time to be living in, where more people are unhealthy than healthy.

Check out these articles on the matter here, here, here, here

Conclusion – I have lost weight, I have maintained a low weight for a period of time, I feel great, I have ran a marathon, I am training for a second marathon, I walk my dogs over 20 miles a week, I suffered chronic stiffness in my ankles which has lessened, I suffered mild arthritis in an old fractured right big toe which has gone, I live what I write. So it does annoy me a bit when people blindly question what I do, however on the whole I am happy to talk about it with them. Just in case I can sow a little low carb seed, that might help them out in the long term.  All these improvements come even with me being a little prone to cheating and drinking copious amounts of booze haha. So it just goes to show any reduction in carbs will help you out.

Weight Watchers and Slimming World

My diet reviews have so far only looked at LCHF diets, which is something I am obviously pro on. So this is my first foray into looking at diets I am not a fan of. So please factor my bias into this review haha.

Nearly everyone on the planet will roughly know how they work, so I am not going to go into that. When I got to around 25 my weight started to rise more steadily than I would have liked. So like a lot of people I have had a few spells doing WW and SW. Each time I lost weight, but each time it stalled or I became bored and the weight went back on. At 35 I left mainstream diets behind and followed my own path.

The Good things about them

They have probably helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight and keep it off. They have probably helped millions of people lose weight for limited periods of time. So they have done some good for sure.

There will also be a lot of good people working in their name, spending there own time running night classes and weighing sessions etc. People who believe they are helping others. I respect them for that.

The diets do enable you to monitor calories and portion size, which can work for a while. So everyone should be able to lose weight for a limited time.

The Bad things about them

First off the bat, I could go on a tirade about these two companies. However I will just highlight a few thoughts. The reason for this is that anyone on Weight Watchers and Slimming World should be commended. They are either unhappy with their current weight and want to make a change, or the system has worked for them and they are maintaining weight. Either way I wish them well, and hope people get the results they are after.

However the companies do not align with what I believe to be a healthy diet. Immediately its apparent they allow Grains and Vegetable Oils, therefore my respect for the 2 companies ends right there. It immediately tells me they have no interest in your health, and it is solely a profit making exercise.

From WW website –

Canola Oilalso known as rapeseed or LEAR oil, has the least amount of artery-clogging saturated fat of any edible oil. It also contains a large dose of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acid. It’s mild in flavor making it a great choice for use in cooking, baking, stir-frying or as an ingredient in salad dressings.”… True it does have omega-3 which can be heart healthy, unfortunately it also has a much higher amount of omega-6. Nothing damages your artery walls like too much omega-6, so actually nothing will bring on a heart attack quite like daily doses of Canola Oil!!! Also they are using conjecture from the 1980’s regarding saturated fat here. It has been proven that the saturated fat in your blood comes from too much sugar consumption.

Their advice on Wholegrains is also horrendous. You wouldn’t wear 70’s and 80’s clothes  would you (barring a fancy dress night)? So why would you follow dietary advice which stems from some very poor guess work from that period. You have to realize cheap food is the devil. You have to cut a lot of corners to get cheap food into the supermarket. Grains are a tremendous way to get a wide range of food made cheaply, to profit from. This is probably the real reason they allow grains and vegetable oils in their diets, to profit from their ready meals, bars and bread etc.

WW and SW also have no intention in educating you on how to eat healthily long term, not really. They want to be your crux. Where when you need to lose weight again, you fall back to them. In an ideal world they want you to only think of food as points and syns. They give you enough tools to lose weight, but not enough to prosper by yourself. They want it so you automatically reach for that weight watchers ready meal, even if you are know longer doing their diet. They want you to pick up their chocolate bar when you are feeling too guilty to eat a Fruit & Nut bar. That’s the bottom line.

Conclusion – the best case scenario of these diets is that they work for you, you lose weight and keep it off long term. However to the lucky ones this apply’s too, they unfortunately do very little for peoples overall heath. By that I mean mortality, through improved heart and brain health etc. The worst case scenario is that you take one step forward and two steps back, year after year. For example you want to lose a few pounds for a special event, you manage it, but then life gets in the way and you put the weight back on and then some. Then when you get around to the next special occasion, you need to lose 8 pounds instead of 4. The problem with the human psyche is that even though you have put on more weight than you have lost over the course of the year, because you know you have lost weight on it before. You are very likely to turn back to them again. I would recommend instead, that you make a fundamental change. I have done my research into a Carnivore Diet, and now I am putting it into practice. However don’t for a second think I am tied to it. The minute I think it is not working for my short, medium or long term health, then it would be ditched. I would look into why it did not work then move on. Everyone should be like that, do not repeat dietary mistakes. Learn from them, and adapt.

Everything you have eaten up to this point has lead to where you are now, if you are unhappy with that, unlearn everything you think you know and make a major change. The simplest place to start in my opinion is; No Sugar – No Grains – No Vegetable Oils. Eliminating them 3 things will improve 99% (rough estimate haha) of peoples lives. Then if you wanted to delve deeper all you are really looking at is how much fat and protein you would like to consume, and which sources you get them from.

Again I have no issues with people that work for WW and SW and put the classes on etc, my issues are at the corporate heart of the 2 companies.

Let me pose a question – if WW & SW did their own secret research and knew for a fact that Vegetable Oils contributed to Cancer (which they do!), yet banning them on their diets would reduce their profits by 50%. What would they and their shareholders do?

My recent Carnivore Exploits


Saturday the 4th was a bad day. I had to get keys cut for the house, take a 2 hour round trip to buy raw dog food, then go to the Newcastle United match. So Lack of planning and time lead to convenience food. Apart from that day, I was on point for the rest of the week.

4th November

10am – Mince Pie

3pm – Mince Pie

7pm – 400g ribeye and chips

Drinks excluding water – 2 coffees, diet coke

5th November

6am – 150g ribeye

12pm – 200g ribeye

3pm – 400g pork belly

7pm – 400g brisket

Drinks excluding water – 3 coffees, 2 cans of lager, 1/3 bottle of port, half a bottle of red wine.

6th November

8am – 6 rashers of bacon, and 4 small sausages

1pm – 400g brisket

7pm – 120g steak, 240g salmon fillet

Drinks excluding water – 4 coffees, 1 can lager, 1/4 bottle of red wine

7th November

8am – 350g bacon

1pm – 400g brisket

7pm – 300g frying steak, 2 fried eggs

Drinks excluding water – 4 coffees

8th November

8am – 4 scrambled eggs

1pm – 500g lamb mince patties and cheese

8pm – 300g duck breast

9th November

8am – 3 small sausages and 3 rashers of bacon

1pm – 500g of lamb mince, butter and cheese

8pm – 500g lamb liver

10th November

8am – 400g bacon

1pm – 500g lab mince patties and cheese

8pm – 500g beef mince patties and cheese


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