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Are Carbs Essential for Human survival?




1. vitally important; absolutely necessary

2. basic; fundamental: the essential feature

3. completely realized; absolute; perfect: essential beauty

Whenever people talk about food nutrition, it is always split into the big 3. Carbs, Protein and Fat. Carbs have to be essential then surely? Nope.

When guidelines started demonizing saturated fat and cholesterol, they had the “sense” to realize that there would be a massive calorie gap to fill. If people stopped eating calorie and nutrient dense protein & fat. Then they would need to get that from somewhere else.

All hail Grains and Sugar. This had the unfortunate result of meaning people got hooked up to the carb rollercoaster, of almost constant hunger, obesity and disease. Even after nearly 50 years of soring levels of heart disease and diabetes. They still push “heart healthy” wholegrains and fruit juice for a diabetics breakfast. It is baffling.

It’s a shame that the general population seem to believe Carbohydrates to be essential. This is because guidelines are digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole, helped by studies funded by food and drink companies. This is because grains and sugar are quick and easy to grow, and most importantly means they can make a lot of different things very cheaply. We are living in a world where obese is the new norm.

I am telling you now you do not need dietary carbs for energy. Yes your body does require some gylcogen, and your brain does require some glucose. Guess what? your liver function covers this. You are not required to eat it.

However don’t just take my word for it, here are some articles (full articles are in the hyperlink): 

Metabolic Effects of the Very-Low-Carbohydrate Diets: Misunderstood “Villains” of Human Metabolism.

It states there is no evidence that their is a Daily Recommended Allowance or minimum for Carbohydrate, for either Brain or Muscle Function. It also suggests that one of the reasons they suggest Carbs are essential is because of fear of fat. They know that if someone lowers carbs, they will have to increase Protein and Fat to function. So they push the consumption of Carbs, over saturated fat and cholesterol. A fear of Ketosis is also mentioned. However it is clear that ketosis is a natural healthy dietary state.

Carbohydrate is not an Essential Nutrient.

It points out that carbs are not a building block for anything in the body. For example protein is broken down into amino acids, which are used to make muscle. There are no know deficiencies related to carbs, however there are massive negative health implications for excess consumption of carbs.

Carbohydrate Not Essential for Human Survival.

It concludes “Carbohydrate (different types of sugar) is not essential for human survival, with the exception of fiber, which may be essential for human survival.” So you may think it is important for survival. However they presume you are eating vegetables and carbs. If you are not eating vegetables there is no need for fiber.

Does Meat Rot In Your Colon? No. What Does? Beans, Grains, and Vegetables!

So I hope you on my wave length that under the definition of “essential”, there are no place for carbs. Now lets think what a carb is, and consider all main sources stem from plants. They just have different levels of processing. If you asked someone is your lawn grass part of your daily nutrition. They would stare at you like you were mad. However what is Wheat? well its grass seed of course. What are Oats? Yup grass seed. So anything that contains flour for example, you are basically eating refined grass. Never mind all the refined sugars that go hand in hand with processed food.

I would guess most people would agree with me that we should not eat grass, yet they will also tell you that you must eat your 5 a day. Yet we are no better at digesting veg & beans  than we are grass. The above article goes into more detail on how easily meat and fat is digested, and why it is difficult for us to digest plants.

Yet you always hear horror stories, you know the one’s “oh people have 2 kg of rotting meat stuck in them at any one time”. It is after very little research, extremely easy to disprove.

Conclusion – I have experimented with varying degrees of carb restriction over the last 2 years. My personal rule of thumb is the less carbs I eat over a sustained period of time, the better I feel.

The Pioppi Diet


Pioppi is a village in Italy. So it comes as no surprise that it is based around the heralded Mediterranean Diet. Pioppi is a town that has recorded long life and low cases of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

What can you eat

Lots of fibrous veg, oily fish, nuts, eggs, dark chocolate, coconut oil, full fat dairy and olive oil. The author Dr Aseem Malhotra  is a well know Low Carb High Fat advocate. So everything here is pretty standard Ketogenic Diet / LCHF food stuffs. 

What can you not eat

Grains, sugar, industrial seed oil – the usual stuff I preach about myself. Like I have said before, any diet that says you can regularly eat any of these are not concerned about your health. They are just trying to make money from you.

What is different from the other 000’s of LCHF / Keto books out there?

There is nothing in this book that anyone with more than a passing interest in Low Carb High Fat would not already know.

However the book does bring in some other factors, to make it stand out a bit.

  • It recommends fasting, and how to do it.
  • Wants you to move more and points out what I always say, “you cannot out train a bad diet”.
  • Talks out the importance of sleep, and how much you should get.

Conclusion – nothing too radical here. It is all information I am aware of. However if someone who had no knowledge of Low Carb High Fat, I think this would be a very sensible place to start. It is not too crazy to freak people out, but if you followed it you would be on a path to better health compared to the standard western diet.

My recent Carnivore Exploits


I will never lie in my blog posts! I might miss understand science, I might miss quote, I might miss the point entirely, but I will never lie. Whats the point! I am not getting paid to do a study or experiment. I am doing this for my own health, so I am only cheating myself.

Over the weekend I went camping, I could have chosen to stay carnivore but I did’t. I think this decision was helped by the fact it was the last weekend before I started my marathon training block. So it was some sort of last blow out before I got back into running. Whatever the reason, I ate badly more days than I ate well this week…. whoops.

Nothing to beat myself up about with this, I am not crying in a darkened room. I willingly ate what I ate, and I know what impact it could have have on my health but I did it anyway. C’est la vie.

28th October 2017

9am – Bacon and sausage sandwich.

2pm – Homemade Shepherd’s Pie.

4pm – 3 sweet mince pies.

8pm – Restaurant Sausage & Mash, and Apple Crumble & Ice Cream

Drinks not including water – 2 coffees, 3 cans of lager, 2 pints of real ale.

29th October 2017

10am – 4 sausages.

3pm – Cheese Savoury Sandwich & corned beef pasty.

7pm – Chicken Tikka Bhuna takeway.

Drinks not including water – 3 coffees, 3 cans of lager and 1/4 of a bottle of red wine.

30th October 2017

8am – Bacon & Sausage bun.

1pm – Pasta Pot & Crisps.

7pm – left over Indian takeaway.

Drinks not including water – 4 coffees, 2 pints of real ale.

31st October 2017

8am – 250g of Bacon.

1pm – 300g Beef and cheese patties.

8pm – 500g beef liver.

Drinks not including water – 4 coffees, 2 cans of lager.

1st November 2017

8am – 2 scambled eggs, and 250g bacon.

1pm – 400g Lamb joint.

8pm – 500g Beef and cheese patties.

2nd November 2017

8am – 2 scambled eggs and 250g bacon.

1pm – 400g Lamb joint.

8pm – 500g Beef and cheese patties.

3rd November 2017

8am – 200g Bacon. 

1pm – 500g Beef heart. 

8pm – Belly Pork. 


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