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Manchester Marathon 2018

I have signed up for my second marathon. Which will be fat adapted & fasted, in minimalist running shoes.


When I finished the Bournemouth marathon, I said to the wife the immortal words “never again”.

However I think I have forgotten about the sheer pain and misery I felt between miles 18 to 24. So I am back on the marathon train.

There are 2 types of marathon races that interest me:

  1. Flat road marathons to go PB hunting, with a large number of entrants and supporters.
  2. Scenic marathons, where the location is more important than the time.

With hindsight I was a little disappointed with my Bournemouth marathon time, so I am off PB hunting. Hence my entry into the Manchester Marathon 2018.

This gives me a training Period of the 1st November to the 31st march. I already know I can stumble around a marathon course, so in these 5 months I should be able to build on that. However at the same time this training block will be in the winter. So there me be unforeseen obstacles relating to that.

As with my previous training, this training block will include:

  • MAF training
  • Fasted Training
  • Low Carb High Fat diet
  • Barefoot / Minimalist footwear

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