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  1. My recent Carnivore exploits
  2. Can you eat a Carnivore / Zero Carb lifestyle long term
  3. A look at the Perfect Health Diet

My recent Carnivore exploits

Going well so far, but nothing major to report good or bad. As I was Keto for a while, I am guessing my transition will be a bit easier than someone coming from the Standard Western Diet for example. I am not going to be able to report any massive weight loss or withdrawals for example. It will likely be a more gradual improvement in health, or decline I suppose. However obviously I do not think a decline is likely or I would not be attempting this experiment, but you never know.

I do have a method for these diet changes. I try to eat more often and a bit more than I think I need. Your body may already be freaking out from the diet change, so you do not want to freak it out more by eating a calorie deficit or doing intermittent fasting. Under Keto conditions I would naturally eat twice a day, 1pm and 7pm ish. However I have being eating 3 times a day so far, this is just to make sure my body is comfortable in the knowledge it will be getting fed regularly. Then once I think I am settled into this way of eating, I will see if intermittent fasting is appropriate. I do prefer eating twice a day, but we will see.

14th October 2017

9am – 4 eggs scrambled, 2 rashers of bacon.

3pm – 250g beef patty (egg to bind) and 50g cheese.

7pm – 2 Seabass fillets, and butter.

Drinks excluding Water: 3 coffees, 2 whiskeys.


15th October 2017

12pm – 250 beef patty (egg to bind) with 50g cheese, 180g of Seabass fillets with butter.

7pm – 400g beef joint, and 100g cheese.

Drinks excluding Water: 2 coffees, 3 pints of Guiness, 2 whiskeys.


16th October 2017

8am – 4 rashers of bacon, 4 small sausages.

1pm – 400g beef joint.

7:30pm – 300g of beef patty (egg to bind) and 50g cheese.

Drinks excluding Water: 4 coffees.


17th October 2017

8am – 200g beef patty (egg to bind) and 50g cheese.

1pm – 400g beef joint.

7:30pm – 300g Lamb Patty and cheese.

Drinks excluding Water: 4 coffees.


18th October 2017

8am – 200g Lamb Patty and cheese.

1pm – 400g Pork shoulder steak.

7:30pm – 400g Beef Patty and cheese.

Drinks excluding Water: 4 coffees.


19th October 2017

8am – 100g Beef Patty and cheese.

1pm – 400g Ribeye steak.

7:30pm – 400g Beef Patty and cheese.

Drinks excluding Water: 4 coffees.


20th October 2017

1pm – 300g lamb steak, and 100g of beef patty & cheese.

8pm – 500g beef patties & cheese.


Can you eat a Carnivore / Zero Carb lifestyle long term

Any ridiculous diet can get you to lose weight in the short term, you know the ones “lose 7 pounds in 7 days” etc etc.

That is not my mission here, a dietary change for me has to positively affect my health, body composition and running fitness in the short, medium and long term.

So can I mentally only mainly eat meat and fish for year after year if need be? Will I tire of it and dream about bathing in tomato soup? Do you in fact need vitamins and minerals from vegetation that I cannot get from meat and fish? Will I give it all up and turn vegan. Only time will tell. This is what The Carnivore Diaries will document.

So I have to look a studies and real life examples, to at least hint that it is possible to live long term as a Carnivore.

Below are some examples to show that it is (you can see articles through the hyperlinks on their names):

Owsley Stanley aka The Bear – he lived for 50 years on a meat only diet. Dying at the age of 76. Not a spectacular long life, but he did die in a car crash not due to ill health.

The Anderson Family are another example, the husband, wife, and 2 children basically have eaten nothing but Ribeye steaks since the mid 90’s. They seem to keep themselves to themselves and rarely do interviews, so you cant accuse them of exaggerating what they do to make money.

Shawn Baker MD whilst he has not being doing this long term. He is pushing boundaries and showing you can achieve elite levels of athleticism on meat alone.

A look at the Perfect Health Diet

What you eat


The Good

The main positives I see in this diet, is what you cannot eat.

Grains – or lets call them what they are, grass seed processed to an inch of their lives. Any diet that claims grains can be a part of a healthy diet, are pulling your leg.

Vegatable Oils – sunflower, rapeseed, canola etc all have to be heat pressed to get the oil. Unfortunately this destroys the structure of the cells, so you are basically eating poison. One of the many reasons margarine is also poison.

Sugar – legalized poison, giving pretty much everyone diabetes and cancer.

Beans & Peanuts – I did actually eat a lot of peanuts on Keto, which I shouldn’t have really. Beans are not really that good for you, they are mainly eaten by vegans or vegetarians as they provide protein and because they help fill you up. Unfortunately the protein in beans is pretty substandard, and you cant access it as readily as animal protein. Plus the chronic wind it gives you, is a sign that your digestive system struggles to break it down.

The proteins they recommend is excellent, plenty of fatty cuts. Which they say will help you get around 50-60% of your calories from fat. This is a good amount of fats, compared to most popular diets.

The extra flavorings they recommend are all things I would eat on a Keto diet, so no issues there either.

The Bad

3 pounds (1.4kg) seems to be a lot of plants to eat, plus Meat on top. I only eat around 2 pounds of  animal protein a day on Carnivore. I am wondering if the large amount of plant food is needed to get what they deem is enough energy and nutrients. I prefer to get this from meat.

Obviously Starchy plants are a no no on Keto and Carnivore, even though a lot of them are delicious. Same with the amount of fruit you can eat on this diet. However to be fair they do say that fruit should be eaten with the meal or as a dessert, so they are aware that your gylcemic response does need to be controlled.

Conclusion – there are two reasons I like this diet.

Firstly it is a good transition diet. If your ultimate goal is to go onto a Ketogenic Diet or something similar, but you want to gradually lower the carbs. Then this is a good place to start, it teaches you to limit junk, eat real food and not be scared of healthy fats.

Secondly if you know you could never get your head around going as strict as Keto or Carnivore, as you just love mashed potato god damn it. Then this is a sensible way to go for a long term dietary change. Just eating real food and cutting grains means you are probably 80% on the way to good health. How you think you can get that extra 20% is down to your own research and experimentation.

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