“During the millions of years that our ancestors lived by hunting, every weakling who could not maintain perfect health on fresh fat meat and water was bred out.” – Quote from Strong Medicine by Dr Blake Donaldson. Now he was deadly serious with this quote, but I am including it here with a bit more tongue in cheek. However just take a moment to consider it, consider what adaptions we went through for this to happen and how long it took, consider that these pathways have barely changed, consider how closely the way you eat now marries up to how we used to ate, then finally consider how what you are eating could be affecting your body…… then imagine how easy it could be to possibly solve. Meat and Water. How easy is that! Now Meat and Water isn’t as pure now as it was then, but it must be better than a Donut? Surely.

My Carnivore Diaries will be split into three different sections, on separate blog posts. I would like to clarify that I am making no political or social commentary on the morality of eating meat, or in regards to the perceived harm animal farming has on the environment.

The Carnivore Eating Diaries

I eat meat and fish already.  Therefore I see no issue in me increasing my animal and fish protein consumption, if I believe it could be beneficial to my health. In the Carnivore Eating Diaries, I will attempt to look at the health benefits and drawbacks of carbs, protein and fats to me as a human being. What are we designed to eat, which foods do we digest better, which foods bring us the nutritional density we require, which foods strip away nutrients, and what makes us sick. Obviously I would prefer all my animal protein to be sourced ethically etc, but then I ideally would want all my vegetables to be pesticide free also.  So I will state it now and will probably not mention it again, unless it is appropriate to a specific post: If Lidl sells cheap Ribeye Steaks that taste good, I will buy them and I will not look into where they come from.

I have spent 18 months eating a range of low carb high fat diets, mainly a Ketogenic Diet. Meaning a rough macro split of 5% carbs, 20% protein and 75% fat. This diary will be about becoming more of a carnivore. This in the modern LCHF world means eating more meat and fish than would be recommended on Keto. Dairy is allowed as it is sourced from an animal. This way of living is often described as Zero Carb. Which isn’t exactly true as there are trace carbs in meat, eggs and cheese. However it is a general term, where basically you will not eat any vegetation.

Now I like vegetables and enjoy eating them. However to attempt a carnivore diet, you need to buy into the possibility that vegetables are not your only source of vitamins and minerals. You need to buy into the possibility that your body can handle a lot more protein than is recommended and that you can get the required levels of nutrition from these meats. This is where Keto logic helps out, I am not scared of fat in fact I love it. You are better off eating fatty cuts of meat on Keto and the same applies on Carnivore. It is often in the fat where these pesky vitamins and minerals are hiding in a delicious Ribeye Steak. However to drop the vegetables you have to be open to the possibility that not only can you can live without vegetables but you will feel better without them, and that your body with thrive without them. Otherwise I may as well just carry on with Keto.

I did a 12 day experiment with Carnivore, and my macros were around, 1% carbs, 34% protein, and 65% fat. From everything I have read, you will still be fat adapted and using ketones. However you may naturally cycle in and out of ketosis more often. However this is a natural cycle your body may adopt. However from what I have seen people have been posting very strong blood Ketone numbers on Carnivore, often higher than people on strict Keto macros.

I am healthy at the moment, but if I ever had a serious disease I would always go back to strict Keto. As there is more evidence and documentation for Keto being a diet that tackles even the most serious of diseases. However at the moment, I feel free to mix things up a bit and see where it takes me. I know I have Keto in the locker, I know where that fountain of awesomeness is. So I know I can go back to that and be healthy and happy. I don’t see Carnivore as a massive leap. I can try it out and if it doesn’t work, I can drop back into Keto very easily.

The Carnivore Eating Diaries will be where I go off on more tangents, as the bodyweight training and running posts will be more a reporting of performance. Things will evolve, however I currently envision my carnivore eating diaries to be split into three areas; 1) a review of what I have been eating and how I feel. 2) I will pick a topic or common miss belief to discuss ie saturated fat is bad for you is the first thing most people throw at me. 3) I will pick another diet, and compare and contrast. I will not be trying to debunk the other diet, I will just explain how and why it does or does not fit into my personal philosophies.

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The Carnivore Bodyweight Training Diaries

In the Carnivore Bodyweight Training Diaries, I will attempt to look at the training benefits and drawbacks of carbs, protein and fats to me as a human being. I will be looking at how the carnivore diet macros will effect my body composition, and how I recover from said training sessions.

I only have limited time to do this training, so it will have to be quick and effective. Whilst nothing is set in stone, it will mainly revolve around press ups, pull ups, kettlebell swings and yoga. Outside of work, I do spend a fair amount of time running. It would be unfair on my wife and two dogs, if I then spent hours in the gym. Plus to be fair I actually have no interest in joining the gym, I prefer to be outside nowadays. This is why I will be working out at home, and it will be quick and intense. I ll probably be looking at around 5 minutes a day doing calisthenics. Then 10 minutes a day doing Yoga.

I do need to improve on my strength and flexibility, it is something I identified previously as an important area for my running performance. However I never really followed through with it. I nearly paid the ultimate price for this in my first marathon last week. 3 or 4 times between mile 18 and 24, my lower thighs nearly cramped up. I had to stop a few times and stretch out my quads. Luckily I got away with it, but I do not want to leave that to chance again.


The Carnivore Running Diaries

With my first marathon completed, I am taking the rest of October off to chill. I will start running again on the 1st November 2017.

I am not putting anything concrete down yet, regarding what I want to do. However it might be something similar to this year which included two 10k’s, two Half Marathons and one Marathon. If they are road races then I will be looking to post some PB’s. If some of them are Trails then it will be more about the experience rather than PB’s I would guess.

As I have been Running on Keto for 18 months, nothing much will change here. It will be more about continuing my MAF Training and Barefoot / Minimalist Running. With some comparisons on why Carnivore may be improving my training or holding me back.



I see the carnivore eating diaries, the carnivore bodyweight diaries and the carnivore running diaries as requiring their own series of posts. However they will obviously all over lap and help towards greater health and fitness…… in theory!



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