Well my last training run is done, and I am into my taper week for my first ever marathon. I do not do any running in taper weeks, I just do lots of walking.

This feels like more of an end of the Running on Keto book, rather than an end of a chapter like previous races have. However the book is the first book in a series of titles. I am not done with running yet. Although once the marathon is finished, I am taking the rest of October off from running. So the next book starts on the 1st November 2017.

That does not mean I will be couch bound, I will still be walking over 20 miles a week with my dogs. Plus I will also be doing a bit of calisthenics and yoga. I just think after the marathon, I will need to refresh mentally and physically.

I first started training for my marathon in April 2016, and at that time I knew I wanted to do the marathon in Sept/Oct 2018. I gave myself this time, as I didn’t want to rush things. I wanted my running training to help improve my health, not possibly make it worse. I wanted to give myself time to adjust to running fat adapted, and I stuck with the slow and steady MAF / Heart Rate Zone training. I prefer just ambling around the countryside, rather than pelting around a track or doing hill repeats. So this method of training suited me.

The introduction of barefoot minimalist running in Sept’16, threw a spanner in the works. I really had to go back to the drawing board, and concentrate on my technique. It also meant I had to start from scratch distance wise too. This really set me back on my time table. However I am really glad I did this. Even though it was a bit laborious and frustrating to start with, I feel strong and fit at the moment. I have been injury and niggle free for at least 3 or 4 months. I bet not many people who have trained for a marathon can say that.

Although I do believe my diet has played a role in that too. I have been on a Ketogenic Diet for most of it, which is proven to help inflammation. Then recently I have adopted a Carnivore Keto diet, which will have similar inflammation preventing effect but is higher in protein. Which should be a help in preventing injury and aiding recovery also.

I would recommend what I have done to anyone. It has really changed my life for the better. I really do believe that the human body is designed for constant movement, and you are onto a winner if you are also fueling it in a healthy manner too. When you couple my running, diet and dog walking with my other passion of camping. Then you are really maximizing your exposure to movement and fresh air!!! Your body does not know what Coronation Street is, but it knows what grass and mud is.

Give your body a chance to thrive and you will be rewarded for it in many ways. Get out there and chase random health and fitness goals. Even if you don’t achieve them, you will feel better for it by just trying. I found that progress and motivation was like a rollercoaster, and you just need to roll with it. Grind it out when motivation is low, and take advantage when motivation is high.

So hopefully my Marathon goes well. Then I can move on with some new targets.

Recent Runs

Since my last Running on Keto post these are the only runs I have done. Pretty shocking really haha. Although it actually included doing a marathon length run, which was a bit crazy. However I just wanted to be sure I could actually do it, and it lifted a bit of weight from my shoulders knowing that. That’s not to say the actual marathon might not go wrong, but I have added confidence now. At the end of the day my only goal is to complete my first marathon, and there is a 6 hour 30 minute cut off for me to achieve that.

2nd September to 30th September

Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Run Completed: 9.37 mi ~ 1:34:46 (10:07 min/mi)
Saturday, September 9, 2017
Run Completed: 22.41 mi ~ 4:35:42 (12:18 min/mi)
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Run Completed: 6.1 mi ~ 57:38 (9:26 min/mi)
Saturday, September 23, 2017
RunCompleted: 26.33 mi ~ 4:54:39 (11:11 min/mi)



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