Quad Lock Run Kit & Car Kit updated review


This is just a little updated news.

My initial reviews are here for the Run Kit and Car Kit, and they are based on my old phone which was an iPhone 6.

I have recently upgraded to an iPhone 8 plus. So needed a new case. Once ordered it arrived quickly. I was pre-warned it would that the box would say 7 plus, but the dimensions are the same. I presume 8 plus boxes will be produced in due course.

They were correct the 8 plus does easily fit into the case, and the case is of the same quality as the case I had with the 6. Just like with the 6 case, I have found i just use this case all the time. This is also because I also use the Car Kit mount. So there is no point having another protective case really.

The arm band is still in great condition, and has been used 2-3 times a week for months yet shows no sign of wear. So I did not need a new arm band. Even the 8 plus is a bigger phone than I am used to it is easy to attach to the Run and Car Kit. Whilst running, it feels just as secure as a smaller phone does.

All in all as I have stated before Quad Lock is an excellent option for people who want their phone with them whilst being active.



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