Keto Hana – Coconut & Almond Granola review

Keto Hana kindly provided me with the Granola in exchange for a review; they have had no input in said review.

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I am quite active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Where I am always on the lookout for Ketogenic Diet products and information. The majority of the time that I find an interesting new company, it is usually based in the USA. Finally a UK company popped up on my radar.

Who are Keto Hana?

They are a new company based in London, who make a Ketogenic Diet appropriate Granola. The owner follows the Ketogenic Diet lifestyle, and wanted to provide an option for people to have a nutritious keto breakfast.

What is their Product?

It is a Coconut & Almond Granola, made with natural ingredients. The listed ingredients are listed as hazelnuts, coconut, almonds, erythritol, stevial glycosides and butter. They recommend it as a quick breakfast option, and to have it with natural yoghurt. They state it has 3.2 net carbs per serving, so leaves you plenty of wiggle room for the rest of the day in regards to your carb intake.



Delivery was what you would expect from a normal online purchase. It arrived well packed, so it would be very unlikely you would receive a damaged product.

Product packaging

The granola is stored in a clear plastic bag, which you can keep fresh by twisting it closed and tying it with a piece of string. This is a nice touch and helps identify it as a homemade product. The granola and bag are stored in a tube. The tube is well designed and adds to the product in my opinion. Not sure what the logo is of, but it is something you would recognise if/when they extend their product range.

Taste test

As recommended I have ate the granola with full fat natural yogurt. It tastes really nice. You can tell they have really spent time perfecting it. It’s not too lumpy but remains crunchy, and it is not too fine either. If it was too fine it would turn the yogurt into a paste. The recipe does contain sweeteners; however I did not find it too sweet. It also had a noticeably buttery taste, which is a big tick in my book. I have never been a massive granola fan, but this is an excellent version of it. I would be very surprised if people did not like this.



At £6.99 it is not cheap, but I would not say it is prohibitively expensive either. Plus it tastes like a premium product, so I think the price does fall in line with the quality of the product.


I am not a big breakfast guy. So I will not be eating this regularly as a breakfast. Maybe for the odd weekend I will have it as an early breakfast. This product will be more useful as a dessert for me, where I will have it with some yogurt and berries after a nice keto main meal.



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  1. Yes, I have bought it here in the US. It’s not cheap when factoring in shipping costs. I would recommend you purchase four units as that’s how many can ship in a box to minimize shipping cost per unit. That might seems like a HUGE investment in granola, however if you are on a keto diet and really miss crunchy foods then I am certain you will not be disappointed. I got online to order more when I stumbled across this post. I love me some Keto Hana!

    PS: I have no affiliation w/ anyone on this stuff. Just a happy customer.


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