Quad Lock Car Kit

Quad Lock kindly provided me with the product to test, but they have had no input into the review.


Who are Quad Lock

They are a company who specialise in a smartphone mounting system for running, cycling and driving in your car. You put your phone in their phone case, and that enables you to attach it to the relevant activity mounting system.

Find more out about them here.

What did they send me

They sent me the iPhone 6/6s Car Kit.

This is a mounting case for your phone, so you can use it in your car.



Once I put my order in, it arrived in a good time. It came in a nice box with instructions, not that you really need them. Nothing special to report, just as you would expect from any standard online shopping order.

Style and Fit

The mounting case looks really stylish, and I love the phone case. You can read the my opinions on the phone case here. I love the sleek look of the mount and it looks perfect with my phone and case. You can have the mount attached to the windscreen, or have it on the dashboard with the included dashboard pad.



I use my phone in my car for music and podcasts, however I have recently started using it as a Sat Nav. So this is mainly why a mount for my phone was needed. I have been using the case for a while for my running. So I knew how the mount would work. It was a little different to the arm band, but the same principle. The arm band mount locks in place, which is important for when I am running. The car mount doesn’t click in, you just twist it on. So you need to adjust the ball of the mount, so you can have the phone in the right place. This is really easy to do. I have used it daily and have never had a problem with the product. I prefer to use the dashboard pad, due to the angle of my windscreen. The pad fit securely to my dashboard, and has remained secure for months. You then use the suction of the mount to the pad. Again this was really easy and has remained problem free for months.



So I have the Car and Run Kit. They are both excellent products, of high quality. The mounting system is excellent, and is really secure on both kits. I would have no issues buying any of their other products.

The only issue I believe there is, is that there are a lot of options for people to upgrade yearly nowadays. Meaning your phone may no longer fit the mounting case. So you may be in a position, where you needed to regularly get new cases.



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