I highlighted on the blog post here, why I was going to experiment with OMAD.

Below is how my first week went.


This meal is 1985 calories, carbs 12g (2%), Protein 165g (34%), and fat 137g (64%).

5 chicken drumsticks in garlic, ginger and lemon.

Lamb steak cooked in butter and mint.

Creamed Spinach.

Butter and Coconut oil coffee.

I used too much butter cooking the lamb, so tomorrow I will have the same meal but I will half the butter and add some eggs.

I felt ok most of the day, a few hunger pangs but nothing major. I also did a 10 mile run before breaking my fast, and felt no ill effects.

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This meal is 1653 calories. Carbs 13g (3%), Protein 188g (44%), Fat 103g (53%).

5 chicken drumsticks in garlic, ginger and lemon.

Lamb steak with smoked cheese, cooked in butter and mint.

Creamed Spinach.

This is the same meal as Mondays, apart from I have cooked the Lamb in 25g of butter, rather than 50g. I then added smoked cheese instead (it was meant to be eggs but I forgot to buy them), and did not have any butter coffee. This has skewed my macros, meaning this meal is too high in protein and too low in fat to be classed as Ketogenic. However that being said, I enjoyed it. It is going to take me some time to plot my meals right I think.

omad, one meal a day, intermittent fasting, keto, ketogenic diet, lchf


My third day on OMAD. This meal is 2024 calories. Carbs 14g (3%), Protein 193g (39%), Fat 129g (58%).
5 chicken drumsticks in garlic, ginger and lemon.
Sirloin steak and mushroom sauce.
You can see my recipe for Mushroom Sauce here.
This is a similar meal to Monday and Tuesday, but with Beef Sirloin instead of Lamb. With the addition of a nice creamy sauce. My protein is still a bit high, which means my fat % is a bit low to be truly Ketogenic. I will keep experimenting, to get my macros a bit closer to what I want. Carbs 5%, Protein 25%, Fat 75%. However I am not too concerned, I am not fighting any metabolic issues. So I can handle a bit more protein, if the carbs remain super low.
omad, one meal a day, keto, ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, lchf
My fourth day of OMAD. Calories 1598, Carbs 25g (6%), Protein 97g (25%), Fat 120g (69%).
Beef Mince
Vine Tomatoes
Sweet Peppers
Pretty happy with this macro split. I just made the recipe up last night, as I had to do my marathon training tonight. So needed a quick meal already prepared to warm up after my run.
Issues were on the horizon though.
one meal a day, omad, keto, ketogenic diet, lchf, intermittent fasting
Friday – Sunday
Woke up Friday more feeling sick, queasy, plus backdoor runs haha. Basically was bed bound all day Friday. However Saturday and Sunday I felt fine, so it wasn’t a bug or virus.
I put it down to my own stupidity I guess. I fasted for 24 hours, ran a half marathon, probably didn’t take in enough water, and the run was late at night so didn’t eat until 9:30pm. The meals was very fatty and very low carb. Then I went straight to bed without letting the food digest a bit. All in all it sounds a bad strategy in hindsight!
All I could keep down on Friday was oven chips. Then Saturday and Sunday was a mixed bag of food and booze as it was the bank holiday weekend.
I have enjoyed the weeks experiment.
The method of eating is quite liberating. You only have to eat once so it cuts your choices down, and you are less likely to make bad decisions.
It is also weird in that, a 2000+ meal is quite a big meal to finish. However if you thought about cutting that meal into 3 separate meals, you realize its not that much food. So I think it is would be pretty hard to over eat using this strategy.
I will carry on with using the OMAD method, but for maybe only 3 or 4 days a week. However on running days I think I will eat normally, or maybe a 16/8 fast. Meaning I will eat before and after a long run.
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