One Meal a day will be my next experiment into weight management and long term health. I am open minded to how long I will do the experiment for and I am sure it will evolve over time, if I stick to it long term.

To start with it will be as simple as consuming all my calories in one meal, and only drinking black coffee and water throughout the day. Now by one meal, I mean Dinner. Not as in I have to eat a 2500 calorie salad. I can spread my calories over a starter, main and dessert for example. I will not include alcohol in that either, I will continue to drink a similar amount to what I do normally.

I currently eat a Keto diet around 80% of the time, then a slightly higher carb diet the rest of the time. However it is still a LCHF Diet, probably with similar carb levels to the Primal Blueprint.  On OMAD I will be sticking to Keto macros for the vast majority of the time.

I will not be rigidly eating at a specific time, but it will be around 7:30pm. If social situations mean I cant or don’t want to stick to OMAD I wont, but I will get back on it the next day. For example I go camping quite a lot, and I probably will not do OMAD then.

My running training will be done in the fasted period before the meal. This shouldn’t have to much impact on my marathon training, as I do a lot of my training fasted anyway. Especially my longer runs.

What I would like OMAD to achieve:

  • Long term health, and protection against the diseases of civilization and inflammation.
  • Weight Management, I would like to be as close to 12st as possible for my first marathon in October. I am currently 12st8.5. It should be easier to plan calories and macros on OMAD.
  • Consistent energy levels and focus throughout the day.
  • Time saving, not having to prepare and cook breakfast and lunches.
  • Decision fatigue, I will have less decisions to make. I only have to think about buying, preparing and cooking one meal a day. The majority of the times when I have a non Keto/LCHF appropriate meal, is at lunch time on work days when I haven’t prepared anything.

I will post meal photos etc on my social media during the week, then do weekly blog post updates. I am looking forward to it.

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