Used HRP_5161

Start Weight – 13st1

Weight at the end of the 7 day plan – 12st7

Weight at the end of the experiment – 12st8.5

Total weight loss – 6.5 pounds.

I class this as a success, a 6.5 pound weight loss in 2 weeks is pretty decent. This would have been pretty difficult for me to achieve eating real food, as I am not overweight and don’t have much fat to lose. So with that in mind, by the numbers the Islaverde diet works. I presumed after my 8 pound weight loss on the 7 day plan, I would probably back put on at least 75% of the weight as soon as I started eating again. However I only put 1.5 pounds, which I am happy with.

So if you want to lose weight, then their diets will help.

However I will probably not use these products again, for 2 reasons:

  1. My running performance was affected, I didn’t feel like I was lacking energy during the day. However as soon as I started my runs, I suffered pretty badly. So if you were to take this diet plan on, I would recommend doing it in your off season.
  2. All the products tasted pretty average, and that is being kind. They don’t mix well, and are very chalky. This is an area they will have to improve, if they want to succeed. I had to bulk all the powders up into 2 sittings, as I couldn’t face having them 5 times a day.

So in conclusion, I am glad I tried the diet but overall this method of weight loss isn’t for me.

Below is what I ate in the days after the diet finished.


2 fried eggs, two rashers of bacon, 2 thin sausages, butter.


Beetroot & carrot cooked in butter, ribeye steak. Tayberries, dark chocolate and double cream.

1/2 a bottle of red wine. 4 cans of lager.

2 coffees.


2 boiled eggs, 2 rashers of bacon.

2 boiled eggs, salami, spinach and olive oil. Almonds.

2 boiled eggs, salami, cheese, spinach and olive oil. Almonds, blackberries, dark chocolate and double cream.

3 coffees, 1 cup of tea.


2 boiled eggs, cheese.

2 boiled eggs, salami, spinach and avacado oil. Cashews.

Lamb steak, courgette, tomatoes, butter. Blackberries, dark chocolate, chia seeds and double cream.

3 coffees and 1 cup of tea.


2 boiled eggs, cheese.

2 boiled eggs, cheese, spinach and avacado oil. Almonds.

Lamb steak and potatoes cooked in butter. Tayberries and double cream.

4 coffees. 1/2 a bottle of Red Wine.


Thermogenic Keto Mix from Islaverde and 200ml of natural yoghurt.

Salami, 2 boiled eggs, spinach, avacado oil. Almonds.

Broccoli, salmon and butter. Tayberries and double cream.

Additional products from Islaverde

As well as the 7 day meal plan, they sent me some of there products to test.

Bullet Energy Coffee – This didn’t taste like coffee or  like a version of Bulletproof Coffee which is what I was expecting. It tastes similar to their Coco meal shake, and I couldn’t detect any coffee flavour. It also has 2.9g carbs. So I would not buy this product, as I would just make myself a butter coffee. Although the packaging would make it convenient to take it away with you, if you were somewhere where it wasn’t convenient  to make a butter coffee.

They also sent me a Thermogenic Snack mix. This is to stir in to natural yogurt as a breakfast or snack. Like all their other products, it didn’t mix very well. However even though it had a very strong ginger/turmeric taste, I didn’t actually mind it. Although I probably wouldn’t buy it.

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Disclaimer – I was sent the 7 day replacement meals by Islaverde, which can be found here are

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