See the Day 1 blog post, for a background in what I am doing and why.

Start Weight – 13st1

Current Weight – 12st7

Daily Weight Loss/Gain – 1 pound lost

Total Weight Loss/Gain – 8 pound lost

Consumed –

  • 1400 calories from 3 meal shakes, 2 snack shakes and 3 pastes from Islaverde. This technically doesn’t count as very low carb, which is generally 800 calories or less. However I am following the Islaverde athletes plan.
  • 4 coffees ( 2 decaf) with whole milk.
  • 1.5l of water.

Comments – So 8 pounds down in 6 days which isn’t bad. Hopefully I will lose another pound or two after the 7 days. Then it will be interesting to see how much I put back on in the following week, once I start eating feel food again. I have complained about the taste of the shakes almost every day. However in comparison the pastes are much better, not great but a lot better than the shakes.

Day 6

Day 4

Day 3

Day 2

Day 1

Disclaimer – I was sent the 7 day replacement meals by Islaverde, which can be found here are

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