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I have been on a Ketogenic Diet since January 2016. I lost 24 pounds in in the first 3 months. Since then I have remained basically the same weight, hovering around the 13st2 mark.

I took up running in April 2016, and I have signed up for my first marathon in October 2017. So I am currently in a training phase for the marathon, ideally I could do with losing around half a stone to be in top shape for the race.

So I had in my mind I needed to focus on my diet a bit more to drop a bit of weight.

Last week Islaverde contacted me to see if I would test out their products. So it was perfect timing to do an experiment.

I will be doing their 7 day Advanced Ketogenic Meal Plan. It is a very low calorie diet,  aimed at achieving high levels of Ketones and weight loss. For the first 4 days, I will be having 3 meal shakes and 2 snack shakes – totalling 500 calories per day. The 5th day, will be 3 meal shakes, 2 snack shakes and 1 meal paste – totalling 800 calories. Day 6 and 7, will be 3 meal shakes, 2 snack shakes and 3 meal pastes – totalling 1400 calories a day. The shakes and pastes have Keto appropriate macros and have no artificial additives or preservatives.

Just to be clear I don’t condone this for the long term. In fact neither do the company. They state once the plan is finished, you should go on to eating a real food Ketogenic Diet. The diet plans are more for people to kick start there ketosis and weight loss, or for athletes to cut weight for specific circumstances. So I will log my results for 12 days. This is to see how much weight I lose in the 7 days, and another 5 days to make sure I don’t put all the weight back on. Which I believe is the case for most of these shake or juice diets.

Day 1

Weight: 13st1

Consumption: 3 meal shakes, 2 snack shakes, 4 coffees with whole milk.

Comments: I started the day with a hangover so maybe not the best time to start this. However I haven’t been that hungry yet, although it is only 5pm. So that may change. This journey will be as much a mental challenge as a physical one, as the meal shakes taste like taste like a really watery Malt drink. The snack shakes taste like watery protein shakes. So god knows what the meal pastes will taste like. However this isn’t a food taste experiment, this is an experiment to test if my body is fat adapted enough to provide me with enough energy to go to work and do my marathon training on very low calories. Plus to lose a good amount of weight and not put it back on. Ideally after the 12 days I would like my wait to be 12st9 or under.

Disclaimer – I was sent the 7 day replacement meals by Islaverde, which can be found here are

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