Quad Lock Run Kit and Poncho Review

Quad Lock kindly provided me with the product to test, but they have had no input into the review.


Who are Quad Lock

They are a company who specialise in a smartphone mounting system for running, cycling and driving in your car. You put your phone in their phone case, and that enables you to attach it to the relevant activity mounting system.

Find more out about them here.

What did they send me

They sent me the iPhone 6/6s RUN KIT and the iPhone 6/6s Poncho.

I have been looking for a good phone holding arm band for a while. I do not have a GPS watch, so I track my runs and pace using the Stava app on my phone.

In the run kit you get the arm band which is made from Nylon Lycra, and the phone case. The phone case is the selling point. On the back of the case is a click/locking system, which corresponds to an attachment on the arm band. The poncho is basically a waterproof jacket for the front of your phone, which I need as I don’t have a fancy waterproof phone.



Once I put my order in, it arrived in a good time. It came in a nice box with instructions, not that you really need them. Nothing special to report, just as you would expect from any standard online shopping order.

Style and Fit

The arm band is black with blue trim, it looks well made and is sturdy. It has a bit of tension in the strap when you wrap it around your arm. The Velcro also seems strong and sturdy. Once you attach it you your arm it stays there, which is important as iPhones are relatively heavy. The case is black with a stamped logo on the back. My phone fits into the case well, just like any decent phone case you would buy.

The poncho is clear obviously, and doesn’t win any style points. However its function is to protect your phone when you are running in the rain. You are not meant to leave it on when you go to the pubs with your mates. I have a glass screen protector, and I was still able to use the phone through the poncho without any issues.



Once you find a comfortable tightness for your arm, the band stays there. I have had no issues with it slipping, even when pretty sweaty.

The phone case easily attaches to your arm band. It is a little fiddling to do initially but you so get used to the process.

Getting the phone off the arm band is really easy and quick, with the help of a little button on the mounting section.

The phone sits above the arm band, almost in thin air due the phone case and arm band attachment. It seemed a little odd to me to begin with. I just presumed it would feel weird and the phone would move about. However after a couple of minutes, I soon realised that the phone was secure and it felt comfortable on my arm.

My wife has an iPhone 7 plus, and I could image they might feel a little clunky on your arm but then I think they would feel like that on any type of arm band.

I have only used the poncho a couple of times, no doubt I will get more use of it out in the winter. It kept the phone dry and I could use the screen when needed. So that’s all you would need from it really.


A nice product with a literally good twist! Strong and sturdy, and looks good on your arm. I presumed I would just alternate between my normal case and switch to the quad lock case when I was running. However I found that I just kept the quad lock case on at all times. It looks good, and looks like it would provide some decent protection if you dropped your phone.

Their other range of mounts look good too, I wouldn’t mind trying out the car phone mount for when I am using my phone as a Sat Nav.


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