SKINS Essentials Unisex Compression Calf Tights MX Review

Skins kindly provided me with the calf tights, to provide an honest review. They have had no input in the review.

Who are SKINS

Skins is a compression focused sports clothing company. They believe their compression gear helps boost training, performance, and speed recovery. Here is some of their research, showing the benefits of compression clothing.

I originally found them on Instagram. I noticed how different their gear looks. It looks stylish, and bold. I then checked out their Facebook and Twitter accounts, which all looked great. I also like how they have different accounts for different countries. So I have followed all the Skins GB social media accounts.

About the Calf Tights

As I am a barefoot / minimalist runner, I can put a bit of stress and fatigue onto my calves while running. So I like to wear compression tights for my calves. As I am a big fan of the SKINS product range, it was a no brainer to wear calf tights from SKINS.

As SKINS state the calf tights are designed to support the whole lower leg and help prevent injury. This is exactly what I need in a calf tight.

I wear calf tights over calf socks because of the range of footwear I use. One day I could be in Vibram Fivefingers, the next I could be in running sandals.

You can check out further details of the calf tights here

Size Guide

The size guide is straight forward. You measure your calf at its biggest point, and see what size they recommend. I am a smidgen over 6 foot, and 13st2… yet quite embarrassingly I needed the extra small size haha.


I went for the Black/Yellow ones. As these went with the Superpose Half Tights I have reviewed previously. They have a clean sharp look which I like, and are unmistakably noticeable as being a SKINS product. As with my other reviews, all I can say is hats off to the design team.


Again slightly embarrassingly the extra small fit me perfectly. You have to roll them up a bit and pull them on like you would a wet-suit I guess. They just feel well made and seem like they are made from good quality materials.

I have a quite a small calf, and it is high up on my leg. There is a big gap between my calf and my ankle. With this in mind, I was very happy that it hugged my leg all the way down. I have another brand of calf tight, and it was a little looser at the bottom than it should have been. No issues here though.


I wear these calf tights on every run I do, training and races. So on average 3 times a week, since I got them in April. So they have been well used and washed on multiple occasions. I can find no noticeable signs of wear, or slackening of the compression. Very impressed.


Lets be honest, I do not know how much these have helped my running or injury record. However I feel more comfortable and relaxed knowing I have them on, so even if they just help me as a placebo then they are worth the money to me.

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