SKINS Compression DNAmic Short Sleeved Top Men’s

Skins kindly provided me with the top, to provide an honest review. They have had no input in the review.

Who are SKINS

Skins is a compression focused sports clothing company. They believe their compression gear helps boost training, performance, and speed recovery. Here is some of their research, showing the benefits of compression clothing.

I originally found them on Instagram. I noticed how different their gear looks. It looks stylish, and bold. I then checked out their Facebook and Twitter accounts, which all looked great. I also like how they have different accounts for different countries. So I have followed all the Skins GB social media accounts.

About the DNAmic Short Sleeved Top

The compression top is said to provide support to your core, shoulders and biceps. Helping you maintain good posture and technique. It is also said to remove moisture to keep you dry.

You can check out further details here

Size Guide

Really straight forward. You just need to know your chest measurement. I wear Suits and Blazers regularly, so I know my measurement. I was right in the center of the chart for Large. So that is what I ordered.


The top arrived quickly, and in sufficient packaging. Which was nice as I get wound up when I order something online which should fit through the letterbox. However it comes in a stupid amount of packaging, which means it gets left with a neighbour or I have to pick it up.


I love the look of this top. The logo’s are clearly for Skins but they are subtle. The ridges and panels make it look cool, whilst being functional. In my opinion this is an excellent top visually. As with all the Skins products, a big thumbs up to the design team.


Even though it looks awesome in my opinion, it would be just a nice looking top if it didn’t fit correctly. After all the main reason for buying the top should be the compression benefits. Pulling the top on is a bit of a struggle, it is very tight. You almost have to shimmy it down your body. This is good though, as it is meant to be a compression top. Which is meant to support your body. If it was easy to pull on, that would suggest to me it wasn’t tight enough, or the quality of the product was below par.

Also I am no fitness model with washboard abs! So I was worried it might ride up a bit when running. Whilst is is unforgiving in showing off my love handles, it did not roll up at all and the fit remained excellent throughout all my runs.


I have worn the top on the a few training runs to test it out. However due to the high quality of the top, I have wanted to save if as my “race top”. So far that has meant 2 half marathons, and I will wear it for my first marathon in October.

In the races mentioned, I have loved wearing the top. It is extremely comfortable, and supportive. I have a tendency to slouch my shoulders generally, but especially when I get tired in a run. When I slouch when wearing this top, you can feel the top pull across the top of your back. So it serves as a reminder to correct my posture, which is excellent.

It also does help keep you dry. I don’t mind wearing cheaper tops in training, but in races I will always want to wear a top like this. I ran both half marathons in pretty hot conditions to what I am used to, and the top kept noticeably dry. Until I started dosing my head in water that is.


A fantastic top, which I love. In fact the only negative I can link of has nothing to do with the top itself. It is down to your own self image and confidence. It is tight and it is white, so it shows off everything. So maybe get a darker colour if you think that could be a problem for you.

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