Perfect Keto Review

Perfect Keto kindly provided me with the products discussed to review, they have had no input in the review.

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Who are Perfect Keto?

They are a company that produce exogenous ketone products. They state they want to provide affordable and effective products to help people achieve states of Ketosis. They also make a point that their competitors needlessly overcharge, and they do not use the MLM network tactics others use.

What did they send me?

Perfect Keto Base Exogenous Ketones BHB Salts – Chocolate Sea Salt flavour and Peaches & Cream flavour.

They use there own formula, which was developed by their founder who is a functional clinician. They state the salt will raise your blood ketone levels, energy and focus. Apart from the salt, there is only natural flavourings and Stevia.

I have used each the two flavours on rotation, in the morning. 1 scoop in a glass of water. It mixes fairly well with a spoon, and neither taste chalky. The chocolate sea salt is my preferred flavour. It does actually taste of chocolate. Maybe its just me but the Peaches & Cream flavour tasted like no peaches and cream I have ever had before, but do not worry it didn’t taste bad. I just much prefer the chocolate one.

After taking them I did feel a bit of a Keto buzz and felt good afterwards. I do not measure ketones anymore. I just go off how I feel. I have being doing the Ketogenic Diet for a while now and I can tell if I am in ketosis or not to a degree. So I cannot claim any blood ketone increase stats in my review. However I can say I believe these ketogenic products helped give me a “ketogenic boost”.


Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder – unflavoured.

They state that the MCT oil powder is 100% made from coconuts and have no additives or fillers, like some other MCT oils have.

I always use Coconut or MCT oil in my Butter Coffees. Which I generally have once a day. Therefore I have being using the MCT powder as a replacement for the oil. So the use of MCT is something that is a part of my daily routine, so it is hard to judge the effects the powder has had. However what I can say is that it is as least as effective as the oil I was using because I have not felt worse. The powder is very finely ground, and I wasn’t sure how it would mix in my coffee, but their were no issues in the end. It mixed perfectly well.

One word of warning. I use about a tablespoon of oil in my coffee. So the first time I used the powder, I used what I though was the equivalent. ERROR. It went straight through me, if you know what I mean. So I had to start on smaller dosages and work my way back up over the course of a week. I have had no issues since then.



As they say on their website, exogenous ketone products are very expensive and I agree with them on that. Although I would not describe these as cheap. However Perfect Keto are right in saying they are cheaper than their rivals. With that in mind if you are a believer in the benefits of exogenous ketones, then these are worth a try.



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