Kama Hemp Juice Review


Kama Hemp Juice (Healing with Hemp) kindly provided me with the products to test, they had no input into the review.

The Company

They produce organic hemp products in Ireland and ship to the world. Their main product is a frozen Hemp juice product, however they also sell hemp in tablet form.

What Did they Send Me?

They sent me the Frozen Hemp Juice sheets, and the capsules. The Juice is taken from the whole plant and is a complete food, you will receive the product frozen to ensure the nutrients are not lost over time. See here for a list of nutritional benefits. Whilst I do not believe in the “Superfood” culture, where one fruit or vegetable is the new key to immortality. There are clearly some that are more nutritionally dense than others, and Hemp certainly seems to be towards the top end of the scale from the knowledge I have. Oh and lets talk about the elephant in the room, Hemp juice will not get you high and is completely legal, and you will not get the munchies after!!!


They advise me the products had been sent, by email. They arrived at my place of work the next day around 11am. I didn’t get home until 6pm. The juice was contained in sheets, like the disposable ice cube sheets you get. They arrived in a polystyrene box, with ice packs inside them. Even by 6pm, the juice was still completely frozen. Pretty impressive packaging.

The Juice

I have just being having pure Hemp juices, to give a fair review. I take 4 cubes from the sleeves and blend with water. The resulting taste is a little odd but not unpleasant. It definitely has a grass taste (actual grass taste like garden grass, not the taste of the slang word Grass haha… not that I know what that would taste like ???), but then has a strong almost spicy aftertaste. However lets be real, I don’t think any vegetable juice or smoothie will win any taste awards. That’s why they often include fruits. Fruits do not sit well with my Ketogenic Diet. So pure Hemp juice is fine with me. I will experiment with adding Spinach and Avocado, down the road.

The Capsules

I have not taken these regularly, as I still have plenty of the Juice left. I will use the capsules, once the juice is finished. However I did open them up and took one capsule to test it out. It was easy to swallow, didn’t taste of anything bad, and didn’t repeat on me. So happy with that.


I have been experimenting with morning vegetable juices and smoothies for a couple of years now. I always feel better after a prolonged period on them. So whatever you think of this Hemp juice, it doesn’t really matter….. just start having vegetable juices!! Trust me.

However I think there are 3 advantages of trying this Hemp Juice:

  1. Hemp is highly nutritious, possibly more bang for your buck.
  2. The frozen juice sleeves are easy to store and bulk buy, unlike vegetables.
  3. The product is certified Organic.



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2 responses to “Kama Hemp Juice Review”

  1. Kate Mullaney Avatar

    Love the review. Beautiful photos. Glad you are enjoying the juice. Right there with you on the fruit sugar. Avocado, spinach and cucumber make a good addition with a little lemon or lime. Kate


    1. ketogenicendurance Avatar

      I will try that, sounds great 👍🏻


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