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So back in December 2016 I did a review on a Ketogenic Sports Drink called by Limited Labs. The drink was in a powder form at the time as it was in the beta test phase, as they were fundraising. My initial review of the product can be found here.

Since then they secured the funding to press ahead with their plans. You can now buy the ready to go bottle form of the product from their website, as well as Amazon and eBay.

Since December I have kept in touch with the company, and they asked me to become an ambassador for them. This means that you can use the discount code STEVEN to get 10% off storewide.

They also asked me to be the editor on their newsletter called The Ketogenic Playbook, which gets sent out to their mailing list every Wednesday. Which is part my ramblings from here at the  Ketogenic Endurance blog, to what Ketogenic stories are fluttering around the web.

They sent me over a box of 12 for each of the 3 flavours. Right out of the bat the bottles are obviously easier to use than the powder. However I didn’t find much difference in taste which was good, as I really liked the taste of the powders the first time around. Cucumber Lime is still my favourite. Also as it is an official product now, they supply the nutritional facts which you can find on their website. They are pretty Impressive. There is bound to be competition entering the ketogenic sports drink market eventually. However they will have to have a strong product to compete with

I am a firm believer in the Ketogenic Diet, and in its all round benefits. Therefore I will never be over reliant on Exogenous Ketone products. I believe in achieving states of Ketosis through a real food strategy. However I am also training to become an ultramarathon runner eventually, so I open to products that give me an additional performance edge. This is where and why I use I go for 3 or 4 runs a week, so before each run on top of my normal diet I will have a bottle of This method has worked really well for me, and I have had no issues with lacking energy.

In fact a couple of weeks ago I ran the Edinburgh Half Marathon in 1hr53 minutes. Not only did I do this whilst wearing Sandals, I did it without any pre race food. All I had pre race was one bottle of, then nothing else during the race barring water. 1hr53min was a really good time for me, as I was actually expecting a 2hr to 2hr10min time.

So in conclusion I am interested in how this company progresses, and hopefully they will drag me along for the ride.


Disclaimer –

I am an Ambassador for a Ketogenic Sports Drink called by Limited Labs – use coupon STEVEN for 10% off storewide. I also contribute to their weekly newsletter The Ketogenic Playbook.

I am also an Ambassador for IAMRUNBOX, which sell products aimed at the Run Commuting community.

Photo Credit: Limited Labs

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