Month: June 2017

perfect keto, keto, ketpgenic diet, lchf, exogenous ketones

Perfect Keto Review

A review of the range of exogenous ketone products sold by Perfect Keto.

The Ketogenic Endurance Interviews – Eric Lancaster

I really respect Eric. He has had some health problems, and decided to make the changes he felt would benefit himself and his family. On top of that his views on training mirror my own, in that you should be flexible, listen to your body and most importantly enjoy it. Eric Lancaster.  Instagram: @TexasKetoAthlete Strava: ...

keto, ketogenic diet, lchf, cheesecake, no bake cheesecake, keto recipe

A Simple Keto Recipe – Keto No Bake Chesecake

A simple keto recipe for a no bake cheesecake for people following a ketogenic diet or lchf diet.

barefoot running, minimalist running, running, running sandals

Running on Keto: 20th May to 23rd June 2017

A review of my marathon training. All training is done in barefoot running shoes and on a ketogenic diet.

keto, ketogenic diet, lchf, steak and mushroom sauce, keto mushroom sauce

A Simple Keto Recipe – Steak and Keto Mushroom Sauce

A simple mushroom sauce recipe for people following the ketogenic diet or lchf diet.

keto, ketogenic diet, lchf, keto bolognese

A Simple Keto Recipe – Keto Bolognese Sauce

A simple Bolognese sauce for people on a ketogenic diet, or lchf diet.

The Ketogenic Endurance Interviews: Khai Foo

I love how Khai has taken it back to a simpler life. I found that growing my own vegetables was very rewarding. So I can only imagine how rewarding it is to take further steps down that road. I also respect his views on training, running should improve your health not harm it. If you enjoy ...