Month: June 2017

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Running on Keto: 20th May to 23rd June 2017

A review of my marathon training. All training is done in barefoot running shoes and on a ketogenic diet.

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A Simple Keto Recipe – Steak and Keto Mushroom Sauce

A simple mushroom sauce recipe for people following the ketogenic diet or lchf diet.

keto, ketogenic diet, lchf, keto bolognese

A Simple Keto Recipe – Keto Bolognese Sauce

A simple Bolognese sauce for people on a ketogenic diet, or lchf diet.

The Ketogenic Endurance Interviews: Khai Foo

I love how Khai has taken it back to a simpler life. I found that growing my own vegetables was very rewarding. So I can only imagine how rewarding it is to take further steps down that road. I also respect his views on training, running should improve your health not harm it. If you enjoy ...

The Ketogenic Endurance Interviews: Hayden Maher

I like Hayden’s mind set. He lives on nutritious real food. It does not matter what type of Low Carb lifestyle umbrella you stand under. If you cut out grains and sugar, whilst limiting processed food you are a long way down the road to good health. What is also apparent is that once you ...

The Ketogenic Endurance Interviews: Glen Shaw.

I live in the backwaters of the countryside in County Durham. Its a great place to run, but judging by the amount of Gregg’s, takeaways and pubs. I am not sure my village is at the forefront of nutritional progression. With my barefoot running and ketogenic diet, I sometimes feel like an ugly duckling, Dr Frankenstein, ...

Kama Hemp Juice Review

Kama Hemp Juice (Healing with Hemp) kindly provided me with the products to test, they had no input into the review. The Company They produce organic hemp products in Ireland and ship to the world. Their main product is a frozen Hemp juice product, however they also sell hemp in tablet form. What Did they Send ...