Bookbeat – how I listen to Audiobooks


My introduction post goes into more detail on who and what BookBeat is:

The post is just a little summary of how and when I use Bookbeat.

I am very happy with BookBeat, and I solely use it through the app. This means I search for audiobooks, and download them onto my phone direct from the app. You can just stream the audiobooks, however I prefer to download them. Then they are deleted from my phone, when I have finished listening to them. The layout of the app is really clear and easy to use. I also think it is important that they do not tie you into a long term subscription; you just pay month by month and you can cancel anytime.

I listen to Audiobooks in two main ways.

Firstly I have a 40 minute car journey to work, and obviously back again. So I have 80 minutes a day to fill. I do listen to music or podcasts sometimes, but mainly I listen to Audiobooks. I probably average one audiobook, every 3 weeks or so. As much as I like listening to music, I do like audiobooks because I feel I am using my commuting time more constructively. Especially if I am listening to an educational or historical audiobook.

The other main way I listen to audiobooks is when I am out running. I aim to run three times a week. Two short runs of 3-5 miles. Then a weekend long run of over 13 miles. The short runs, I listen to nothing. As I try to use this time to concentrate on my breathing, and use the runs as meditation time. However on the long runs, I like a bit of a distraction. So I have started to listen to audiobooks on these runs, as I will soon be out running for over 3 hours so a bit of distraction is needed. I prefer audiobooks, as they are a bit more therapeutic for me and a steadier tempo. Listening to music can be very beneficial when running; however it can affect your rhythm negatively too. If you are listening to music which energises you, it can actually cause you to run faster than you are capable of maintaining. Meaning you can tire yourself out quicker. Even if an audiobook is a fast paced thriller, it is still just a person reading. So it is steadier than listening to music.

So overall I am very happy with BookBeat and would certainly recommend the service.


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