A Simple Keto Recipe – Beef Burgers stuffed with Mozzarella


There are a lot of options to create really nice burgers, with combinations of herbs and spices. I try to keep my cooking fairly simple, so the burgers themselves are pretty plain. However there is plenty on flavour on the plate, with help from the cheeses, egg, and side vegetables.

Ingredients – Serves 4

For the Burgers –

500g Beef Mince

150g Mozzarella Ball

250g Halloumi Cheese

Butter to fry.

Salt and Pepper to taste

On the side –

Cabbage head

12 Cherry Tomatoes

1 Onion

1 Egg

Butter to fry


Portion a 500g pack of mince into 4, and portion the mozzarella into 4. Take a portion of mince, and flatten it on your hand, place the mozzarella in the middle of the mince. Fold the mince around the mozzarella, making sure there are no gaps. Shape into a burger shape by hand. Fry the burgers for 7/8 minutes on each side, on a medium heat. The halloumi packs I buy are in a rectangle box shape. So I slice across the cheese to make 4 large slices. I fry these for a couple of minutes separately. To plate up, I put the halloumi on the plate first, with the burger on top, then a fried egg on top if you wish.

For the side dish I fried some chopped onion in butter. Once soft I halved the cherry tomatoes, and cooked for another couple of minutes. Then I added chopped cabbage for another couple of minutes.

Per portion; you are looking at around 804 Calories, Total Carbs 14g (7%), Protein 54g (28%) and Fat 57g (65%). These figures are taken from MyFitnessPal, so you could argue the figures up and down a bit but you get my point. 


Photo Credit – https://theinformalphotoco.com/

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