The week started with the Run Nation Cragside 10k. It was much harder than I thought it would be, as it was a pretty hilly route. So overall I was happy with my time. You can see a review of my race in the “Races Category”.

My calves were pretty sore afterwards, and I have had a busy non exercise related week. So I haven’t done any training runs this week. I have made sure to do a couple of walks though, as well as some Yoga and Calisthenics.

I feel refreshed now. So tomorrow I plan on doing around 15 miles.


April through to June should be pretty exciting. I have 3 camping trips booked, and 2 weekends away. So I should be able to get some good walking and hiking into these weekends.

I have also being sent 3 pairs of barefoot running shoes/sandals to use and review, as well as some Skins Compression clothing to review also. So that’s pretty exciting too. Is my home town ready for me trotting around in running sandals??? I am not sure it is!!!


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