BookBeat – My Introduction

BookBeat have kindly provided me with a subscription, in return for honest reviews and stories about how BookBeat can be helpful to my lifestyle.

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Who are BookBeat

BookBeat is a digital streaming service. Providing 1000’s of Audiobooks for your listening pleasure. It was founded in Sweden in 2015, then opened in Finland, and recently here in the UK.


£14.90 a month, with no commitment. The contract rolls on month by month, you can cancel at anytime. For this price, you can listen to as many audiobooks as you want. They are currently offering a 2 weeks free trial, however here on Ketogenic Endurance you can get an excellent deal of a months free trial. Just use this link –


I presume most people know what audiobooks are, but if not then I will tell you. Basically a nice man or women sits down in front of a microphone and reads an entire book, and in relation to this service; you can download or stream the book, and listen to someone read it to you.

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The BookBeat service

They offer a wide range of audiobooks, and like I have mentioned. Depending on your listening preferences you can download an audiobook to your phone for example, and can listen to it offline. Or you can stream it over WIFI or 4G for instance. Handily in these modern times, they put no restrictions on your usage whilst traveling abroad. So you can download audiobooks in England and listen to it in France for example, you can even stream abroad too.

My Experience with BookBeat

I actually created an account on their website, but you can do this on your phone easily too. The registration process was really straight forward and took barely a couple of minutes. Once that is done you are good to go. I then downloaded the iPhone app, and logged in. The app is really easy to use. It looks great too, simple, clean but with a splash of colour and fun. The Home page is where your audiobooks are stored. The other pages offer different ways of finding new audiobooks. Once you have found one found it is really easy to either listen too or download.

The first book I choose was “The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo” by Amy Schumer. I decided to download it, as that option better suits me. The audiobook downloaded quickly and I was listening to it almost immediately. The sound quality is good, as expected by any good streaming site.

The only issue I have had is mainly my own stupidity. When I come out of an App I always double click and shut the app down properly. Now if you do this whilst the audiobook is playing, it will not save where you were. However I quickly realised if you press pause first, then do the full app shutdown it will save your spot. I must admit I have forgotten to do this a couple of times!!!

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How I envision using BookBeat

Firstly I have a 40 minute commute to work, and the same back. So I am a regular user of audiobooks. When I am actually reading paper books, I like horror, action and sci-fi books. However for some reason for work commutes I tend to prefer autobiographies and history books.

I am also currently training for a Marathon in October 2017, then I plan on doing ultramarathons. So that’s going to be a lot of running hours logged on roads and trails. I mainly train on my own, so as my runs get longer I am going to need a bit of company. So audiobooks will be a very useful tool for me moving forward.

As well as that I do a lot of walking, hiking and camping. So I am sure I will find other situations to use BookBeat.

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Website –

Facebook – BookBeatUK

Instagram – @BookBeatUK

Twitter – @BookbeatUK

Final Thoughts

So this post was just a simple introduction really. As the months progress, I will go into more detail on how and when I have used the service.

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