Running on Keto – 18th to 24th March 2017.

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This week was what is becoming a standard week. Don’t take that as it was boring, or uninspiring. In fact I very much enjoyed the week. It’s just that it fit into a template I have chosen, nay lets call it a plan… a fitness plan perhaps!!!
This included a weekend long run, which was actually shorter than it should have been. However I just couldn’t get out of bed, and I had to be back for a certain time. The shorter mid week runs, also passed without incident. By passing without incident, I basically mean I didn’t suffer a calf injury. So good news there.
I managed to do my own calisthenics circuit, 3 times this week. Which is one time better than last week, but one short on my original plan of doing it 4 times a week. I think its a nice little circuit, which I can increase the difficulty of when needed. I have a couple of kettlebells I can add to it eventually also.
Yoga went well too, and experimented with some chilled moon Salutations. Which I enjoyed. However I still prefer the more static Hatha yoga.
Workouts: 18th Mar – 24th Mar 2017 (exported from my Final Surge account) –


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Completed Run: 8.13 mi ~ 1:36:33 (11:52 min/mi)

Post Workout Notes: Warm Up – lunge matrix, leg swings, calf stretches. Run – road. Warm Down – 10 minutes of yoga. Then a 2.5 mile walk around Hamsterley Forest in the afternoon.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Completed Walk: 2.01 mi ~ 34:26 (17:08 min/mi)

Post Workout Notes: Walk. Then 10 minutes of Yoga.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Morning Post Workout Notes: 30 lunges. 30 Squats. 30 Press ups. 120 calf raises. 1 min plank. 6 pull ups.

Evening Completed Run: 3.51 mi ~ 38:34 (10:59 min/mi)

Post Workout Notes: Warm Up – lunge matrix, leg swings and calf stretches. Warm Down – 10 minutes of Yoga.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Post Workout Notes: 30 lunges. 30 press ups. 30 squats. 120 calf raises. 9 pull ups. 10 minutes of Yoga.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Completed Run: 3.51 mi ~ 38:01 (10:50 min/mi)

Post Workout Notes: Warm Up – lunge matrix, leg swings and calf stretches.

Totals: Completed Run: 15.14 mi ~ 2:53:08 Completed Walk: 2.01 mi ~ 34:26



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  1. Thanks for your thoughtful blog on this topic. I’m a longtime distance runner, but just coming back to Keto after a decade. I’ve been eating strictly keto only since January. I’m also a heart rate runner, that’s how I’ve trained for years, but I use the Hanson method. This means while I’m putting in 60+ mile weeks, I’m never doing training runs longer than 16 miles. I haven’t felt the need to fuel on any of my runs so far, but I don’t know how well this will go with 26.2. Are you fueling at all on long runs? Thanks.


    1. Hi. All my long run are fasted, but only up to 14 miles. No problems so far. However i will need to experiment with food and carbs as the distances get longer.


  2. I’m finding the endurance exercise ok while Ketogenic. But when it comes to explosive ecercise I shut down like an overheating Lithium battery….


    1. Yer it does take a bit extra thought training on keto


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