Simple Keto Recipe- Strawberry Mousse

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This is a really quick easy dessert, which I really enjoy. However there is a note of caution. I am not a big fan of natural sweeteners, so this recipe does not include them. I have been low carb for over a year, so the Strawberries and Lemon juice made it sweet enough for me. However my wife who does not do Keto, said it needed some extra sweetness. So I would recommend that if you are in the early stages of Keto, then maybe add some Stevia or equivalent. If you are fully fat-adapted you should be fine.

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Ingredients – Serves 2

200g Cream Cheese – £1 at the time of writing.

100ml Whipping Cream – £1

6 Strawberries – £2

Juice from half a Lemon – £0.60

2 teaspoons of Chai seeds – £0.20

2 Cubes of 90% Dark Chocolate – £0.30

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Instructions – Prep Time: 10 minutes.

Take all the ingredients and throw them into a blender, and blitz…. ermm that’s about it really haha. Just spoon the mixture into a bowl or glass.

Per portion; you are looking at around 647 Calories, Total Carbs 12g (10%), Protein 7g (6%) and Fat 44g (84%). These figures are taken from MyFitnessPal, so you could argue the figures up and down a bit but you get my point. Per portion you are looking at a cost of around £2.55.

I am in a Keto Maintenance mode at the moment, so I am not worried about losing weight. So a 647 calorie dessert does not worry me. If you are counting calories, then I would recommend omitting the Chai Seeds and Dark Chocolate. This will make it easier to fit the dessert into a calorie controller ketogenic diet.

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