IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro Review

IAMRUNBOX have kindly supplied me with a Backpack Pro, to provide an honest review. Even though I am an ambassador for them, they have had no input in the review.

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Founded in 2014, with the aim of producing products to make exercise easier whilst commuting and travelling. Their garment carriers and backpacks are designed to carry work clothes, and keep them wrinkle free whilst you are running or cycling to and from work. The main problem I have here is that my work shirt will probably not be going into my backpack wrinkle free, as my ironing skills are pretty limited. IAMRUNBOX can’t be blamed for that though.

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What is Run Commuting?

It is ditching your car, abandoning the train or bus. It is sticking on your running shoes, or jumping on your bike to and/or from work. There is no getting stuck in traffic, no waiting for the tube, no paying for parking. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Run commuting definitely seems to be on the rise, and I think running in general is in a good place at the moment. I am looking to do a mixture of 10k’s, half and full marathons this year and participation seems high.

Yet it is easy to let work and life get in the way. So I believe run commuting could be a good option for people to at least try. Then if you like it, IAMRUNBOX can certainly help you out.

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What does Run Commuting mean to me?

I live 22 miles from work. So that’s a little far to run to work and back, well it’s a lot too far actually. However I do believe in the benefits of exercise before work. Dragging your butt out of bed can be an issue, but once you are up and you do some form of exercise. I believe you always feel better for it, and it sets you up for the day. As well as improving your state of mind.

So I have used the backpack in a few different ways, than maybe the backpack was purely designed for.

Mainly I pack my work clothes into the backpack, but drive to a place to run on the way to work. Do my run and drive the rest of the way to work. Then change. Or I will pack the backpack with my running gear, so that I can go for a run on the way home. I have also used it as a mini suitcase, and as a backpack for food and water when I have been walking and hiking.

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What is the Backpack Pro?

It is a sturdy backpack, designed to keep you clothes wrinkle free when run or cycle commuting.

Specs: Height 380mm, Width 265mm, Depth 105mm, weight 945g, volume 10 litres.

There is an inner zipped compartment for clothing and shoes, and an inner laptop carrying capability. There is an elastic cord system included, that allows you to attach a coat. Or an additional show bag, which you have to buy separately

It is fully water resistant, and has pockets for wallets and phones etc. There is a lot more I could say regarding the material and so forth, but their website can tell you that better than me. The link is – https://iamrunbox.com/en/backpack/4-backpack-pro.html#/color-orange

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I love how it looks. I think it has a very simple design, but with a splash of colour. It looks different, and is something you would notice people wearing. This is nice because you would have a fair idea they are run commuters, so you could strike up a conversation with them. Also if you are walking into a professional office with one on, you are not going to look silly. People may just think it is a new laptop holder, or bag.

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To me the product looks well-made and durable. Sometimes products looks good in pictures, but when you get them in your hands you can find they are not as good as they look. This product feels well-crafted and sturdy, and looks like it has been made from high quality materials.

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Fit and Comfort

It is a one size fits all backpack, where you adjust the straps to get your perfect fit. This was really straight forward. Everything clicked in easily, and the straps are easy to adjust. Once I adjusted mine, there was quite a bit of spare straps flapping about. However there are means to tuck these away.

I have never worn a hard cased backpack before; actually I have never really seen one before either. However it works. It sits on your back really nicely. Your barely know it’s there really. There are 4 foam pods on the back, which make the contact with your back. These really do work, even though they look really small and you wouldn’t think they would help much.

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Packing Space

You can easily fit your work clothes and shoes in. Space becomes a little tight, when you put a laptop in. Also it leaves little room for lunch food. You would like to think that most people who would buy this would be eating healthily, so may like to take their own lunch to work. I haven’t got the shoe bag. However that may  help solve the problem, by using the shoe bag you would create space in the backpack. You could maybe use the shoe bag as a lunch box too? I have also used it as a mini suitcase, for a day trip. It would be ideal for carry on luggage too, for a little weekend away.

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Great product, well made, and innovative. I really believe IAMRUNBOX are a superb up and coming company, with some bright ideas. I wouldn’t have become an ambassador, if I didn’t think that.

Some may feel the price is prohibitive, but that is something for you to weigh up. If you are happy to pay the price, I am sure you will be happy with the product. There are a few different options at different prices, which would suit slightly different commuting needs.

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Photo credits: http://theinformalphotoco.com

Ambassador for – https://iamrunbox.com/en/

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    Nice to see some products for folks who make the home-to-work commute by foot. Cool review of a good looking pack, man.

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