What is bulletproof coffee?

Cup of black coffee made with Upgraded Coffee Beans

Tablespoon of unsalted grass fed butter

Tablespoon of Brain Octane C8 MCT oil.

Stick it all into a blender, blitz it and drink it.

Why use the stated Bulletproof Products?

They state you should use Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Beans and Bulletproof Brain Octane. They say that normal coffee manufacturing and storage results in “mouldy” coffee, which causes health problems like brain based inflammation. Which sounds pretty nasty. Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Beans are said to be toxin free, therefore you get all the benefits of coffee but none of the problems in essence.

Why do they recommend Brain Octane MCT oil. Well basically MCT is the energy providing part of coconut oil, and C8 is the best part of the MCT. So an allegedly bigger bang for your buck.

Link to site http://uk.bulletproof.com/ ( I am not an affiliate or anything like that, just providing a link)


My Butter Coffee

1 cup of instant coffee

1 tablespoon of Kerrygold butter – I actually prefer the normal butter rather than the unsalted

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

Why I drink Butter Coffee

Firstly I like it, I think it tastes nice. I can also have it for breakfast, and I am full until lunch time. It is also fairly cheap, and is made from ingredients I always have in the house. When I am fully in ketosis and have been for a while, I tend not to need anything for breakfast as I am not hungry. However if I have had a couple of low carb days (80-150g carbs rather than strict Keto), I tend to be hungry at breakfast time. So on these occasions and when I am going back to strict keto, butter coffee is a good tool to use. It also helps get your fat percentage up without eating any protein. A lot of newbies on keto seem to struggle keeping to their protein target but hitting their fat target too. Butter coffee certainly helps that.


Why I don’t use Bulletproof products

Mainly cost. I have tried the products and they were good, but they didn’t blow my mind. I didn’t feel significantly better. So I am happy with a cheaper option. Also I know the science behind MCT, however at the end of the day you are processing coconut oil to get it. You are also losing all the other benefits of the coconut oil. Which makes me a little uncomfortable. After all I refuse to use vegetable oils like sunflower oil, because of its highly processed nature.



Is the stuff they say true, probably.

Do they exaggerate their claims to sell products, probably.

Have I used bulletproof products before, yes.

Did I like them, yes.

Would I use them again, yes.

Can I afford to use them regularly, no.

I am working on the 80/20 principle here. For example I can get 80% of the benefits from my cheap version of butter coffee. To get the extra 20% I would need to buy all their products. However I cannot afford to buy the bulletproof products on a monthly basis, to do so I would have to make sacrifices in other parts of my life. Which I am currently not prepared to do.

Whatever version of butter coffee you follow, I do believe it is a useful tool to help ketogenic diet followers. Depending on your way of eating, you could have it every day or just when you need a stop gap. Keto isn’t a one size fits all, you have to bend it to your lifestyle.


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