Simple Keto Recipe – Pancakes


Pancake Day or Shove Tuesday is just around the corner. So I made up a batch of Keto Pancakes today, just to make sure they tasted nice…. and they do. So I will be doing exactly the same this coming Tuesday. Obviously my childhood favourites of lemon and sugar are out, but there are plenty of keto alternatives you can experiment with.


Ingredients – 12 Pancakes

200g Cream Cheese – £1 cost at time of writing.

8 medium Eggs – £1.80

120g Coconut Flour – £1

20g Baking Powder – £0.50


Instructions – Prep Time: 5 minutes. Cooking Time:2 minutes per pancake.

Put the cream cheese in a blender and crack the eggs in too. Blitz it. Add the coconut flour and baking powder. Blitz it again. Done. Pretty simple eh? Cook the pancakes as you would normal ones.

Per pancake; you are looking at around 150 Calories, Total Carbs 4g (9%), Protein 6g (13%) and Fat 13g (78%). These figures are taken from MyFitnessPal, so you could argue the figures up and down a bit but you get my point. Per pancake cost is around £0.35.

I made savoury ones. For these I grated some cheddar cheese, and chopped up some ham.

The sweet ones were 150g of double cream, and 75g raspberries. Blended them into a sauce.


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