New Strava Running Club

A Runner must run with dreams in his heart – Emil Zatopek


There is a new Strava Club on the block, ready to take over the world!! The head of Ketogenic Endurance (shh… that’s me), voted it the best up and coming club on Strava…. Guess what it is called….. drum roll….. oh yer….. its just…… Ketogenic Endurance.


So get on Strava, go to the Club section and search Ketogenic Endurance.

It is open to anyone, of any ability, who is interested in running on LCHF and/or Ketogenic Diet.

It is a safe place where people can see how people train on low carb food, and how it is a legitimate way to fuel your body whilst exercising. I also promise that if anyone puts a picture up of themselves eating a Bagel after a run, I will throw them out of the group….. You think I am joking don’t you J


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As well as my blog, you can catch me on:

Instagram – @ketogenicendurance

Facebook page – Ketogenic Endurance

Twitter – @ketoendurance

Reddit – Sub group – /r/ketogenicendurance

Strava Running Club – search “Ketogenic Endurance” in the club section.

For more information on what I am doing and why, please see my “About Me” page.

If you are a company or you would like to make a donation, please see my “Ambassadorship” page.










2 responses to “New Strava Running Club”

  1. Jake Taylor Avatar

    I’ve been keto for a year now and I run with my homemade date bars at the mo but I’ve used Clif bars and tailwind. I need the carbs/ sugar to run but always go back to LCHF for training afterwards. I just finished 5 marathons in 5 days like this. I just posted a pic of a pizza on my blog too- and it’s not keto. 🙂


    1. ketogenicendurance Avatar

      Haha I think you earned it 🙌🏼

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