“It is not arrogant or egotistical to feel good inside. You had nothing to do with it. It’s simply the honest response to clearly perceived Reality.”  – Erich Schiffman…


Is the Ketogenic Diet a good companion to Yoga? I don’t know! I would guess so. Although the common stereotype of a Yogi is a vegan hippy, rightly or wrongly! I am certainly no vegan and I don’t smoke funny cigarettes just the odd Cigar, but I believe I am still ok to do yoga…. Right?

I am dabbling in the meditation side of things, and it is something I intend to bring more into my life. However the most important part of yoga to me at the moment, is its physical benefits. Mainly can they help me from getting injured from my running pursuits? In the past I have been someone who would get injured, then do loads of yoga, stretching and any alternate method of recovery under the sun. Then as soon as I had been healed for a week or so it would all stop. Until the next injury that is. So as a wise 36 year old man, I have bought a dictionary and looked up the word……. PREVENTION!!!


My Yoga Experiment (note I haven’t used that pretentious N=1 saying people always use)

Disclaimer – this in not like one of them under the radar Coca-Cola funded studies that seem to get more press than they warrant, that determine sugar makes all your body’s cells smile with happiness and therefore you can become a yoga master in weeks. With a co–study stating that those on a high fat diet will find it much harder to do Yoga, because all that butter will harder in your arteries therefore making you significantly less bendy.

I can state here and now, I am not sponsored by Kerrygold butter….. Although that’s the dream right there!!!

For the last month I have being doing 10 minutes of Yoga everyday (except from a couple hangover days haha). Only 10 minutes you say in disgust! Well I am a Gemini; I am notorious for picking up one fad then dropping it for another a week later. I knew I needed to estimate a time, which I could repeat day after day without getting bored. I find 10 minutes is the sweet spot for me currently. In the past I have followed Yoga programs/dvds that call for 30-60 minutes at a time. I quickly become bored of them, even the DDP Yoga DVDs that is hosted by a wrestler. If a wrestler can’t keep my interest then no one will, well maybe Schwarzenegger. I also have no interest in going to classes, even though I am sure there are plenty of technique pointers I could learn.

It has been nearly a month now and I have kept being consistent, and I have noticed improvements in my flexibility. Would I have made more improvements doing 20 minutes a day, undoubtable. However would I be able to keep doing it? Not so sure. So hopefully I will carry on with the 10 minutes a day, and I will do some sporadic updates on my progress.


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