Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon MR Elite Review


Rating: 90%


  • Designed for Trails and Mud.
  • Strong Brand in the Barefoot / Minimalist market.


  • Specs: See link above
  • Cost: Mid-High £105. I bought mine from an official UK stockist. The price on the official Vibram site is €145. You seem to be able to get them cheaper off Amazon, but I am fairly positive some of these will be fakes.
  • Look: I think they look awesome, Black and Neon Yellow is a strong look. Just looking at them, they look durable and well made.
  • Comfort: Very comfortable. I have worn them with 5 finger socks and without any socks, for distances between 3 and 10 miles. No discomfort at all. They are easy to get on and off, and they fit snugly and your feet do not slip around in them.
  • Durability: They seem well made. I have ran about 70 miles in them, and there is no noticeable wear on them including the sole. Although I have read that the sole is thicker and softer than most fivefingers, as they are designed for mud. So they do wear a little quicker than other products in the Vibram range.


I currently use Freet Meta Ayr for road running; however I have started doing much more trail running recently. So I needed a barefoot style trail shoe. I wanted a pair of Vibram Fivefingers, and the Spyridon were the ones I went for. I have ran in them in the snow, frost, ice and mud. In all the conditions, I have felt safe. I run on trails around my home town, so I do have to spend a bit of time on roads, to get from one trail or public footpath to another. They still feel good on the roads, but I presume the tread will burn out more quickly.


I would recommend these to any minimalist / barefoot trail runner, and I would buy them again when the time comes.


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