“Ketones are an efficient and effective fuel for human physiology without increasing the production of damaging free radicals. Ketosis allows a person to experience non-fluctuating energy throughout the day as well as enhanced brain function and possibly resistance to malignancy. – Dr. David Perlmutter”.


Happy Ketoversary to meeeeee !!!! One year on a modified Ketogenic Diet, I may have stumbled on occasion but overall this year has been a wonderful experience.

Modified Ketogenic Diet – to me this means you are slightly less strict than a therapeutic ketogenic diet, which would be used to combat illness. However still low enough in carbs to be a fat burning machine! I would say I have followed a traditional Ketogenic Diet for 80% of the year, and a low carb high fat diet for the remainder. In both my versions of Keto and LCHF, they are based around real food. So a typical keto meal for me is some leafy green veg, lamb steak and a dollop of butter. LCHF days might be exactly the same meal but with some potatoes. On LCHF days I don’t feast on pizza, bread and pasta. It still revolves around healthy fats. Probably similar to the Primal Blueprint or Perfect Health Diet. I think I have had 5 bread buns in this year. One bun was in France, when I forgot I was on Keto because I had too much Red Wine haha !!! The other buns were due to poor planning when I was away camping. I have also had a few Ice Creams when at the Cinema or on Holiday.


My Success This Year – I started the year at 208 pounds, and I am currently 184 pounds. So I have lost 24 pounds. I was never obese, I just had a bit of a belly and it was only going to get worse. So losing nearly 2 stone is excellent. I actually lost the 24 pounds in the first 3 months, and I haven’t lost or gained a pound since. So some may see that as a stall, I see it as I am feeding myself healthy real food and allowing my body to decide what weight I should be. Plus my body has being changing even if the scale weight hasn’t changed. For example I had a 36 inch waist at the beginning and a 34 inch waist after the 3 month weight loss. Yet in October I dropped to a 32 inch waist, and remained at that measurement even though I have lost no further weight.


Difficulties of Keto – I didn’t suffer any sugar withdrawal or keto flu, like a lot of people do. I did suffer from “bad guts” at the start. However this was because I got over excited. I was basically cooking all my vegetables in cream and cheese. Which is lush by the way, but my body rebelled. However as soon as I simplified my keto eating, it has pretty much been a breeze ever since. The main difficulty is planning. As long as you prep all your work lunches and make sure you have food in for dinner, then Keto is extremely easy and rewarding for your health. If you don’t plan, then you will fail as the outside world is awash with crappy processed food. It’s very difficult to eat keto “on the fly”.


Running on Keto – when I take something on, I love researching into it. I am a sucker for a blog or podcast. So through reading up on Keto and listening to podcasts, a common thread started to appear. There are a lot of people out there using Keto or LCHF versions to help there athletic goals. Not just novices like me, but people like LeBron James, Chris Froome and Zach Bitter. So in April, I set up my blog. It was basically just a training log between April and August. Since September I have expanded the scope of the blog a little. I am using the Phil Maffetone method of training, which means running at a heart rate of 139 beats per minute or less. Which is a pretty slow pace, but it is designed to build your aerobic base. This is ok, as I am also transitioning into barefoot/minimalist running. So this also requires a slow pace to start with, to avoid injury. Especially important as I am susceptible to calf injuries, which I actually think is a knock on effect from me destroying my ankles playing football as a youth. My original goal was to run a marathon fat adapted. This will hopefully be achieved at the Bournemouth Marathon in October 2017. However this hopefully will not be the end. Whilst a Marathon is the primary training goal of 2017, I am actually training with the 5 year goal of competing in ultra marathons. So just a casual 100 mile run through some forests haha !!!


Conclusion – I have no doubts that I can eat this way for as long as I want. Some people use keto as a short term weight loss strategy. This is fine; however I see it as a long term way to improve my health. I also believe it is a perfect way to help with my running goals. I am just an Average Joe, so if I can prove it can be done then anyone can do it.

I never get too bogged down in science on my blog, as there are much better blogs out there already for that. This blog is about how you can a) live a real simple life on Keto an b) use keto to help exercise.

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