Ketogenic Diet: Tips – You are doing it wrong!!!! Maybe….

“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.” – Bruce Lee


Below is a nice little article about easy to make mistakes on a Ketogenic Diet, it’s especially good to see sites like giving you options to go down the keto road.

If you have read the article, it is targeted at people already on the Keto train. So they will have a least a basic understanding of the lifestyle.

This is how I have evolved to deal with the issues they bring up –

Mistake 1: Fearing Fat

This was never a problem for me. In fact it was the other way round; I jumped two footed into the fat. When I first started, almost daily I would have a piece of meat or fish covered in butter. Then I would oven baked vegetables in cream and cheese. Delicious may I add but not needed and I suffered digestive issues as a result. I soon realised eating healthy real food would have a lot of the fat you needed; you don’t need to add much more. As long as you have meats like Lamb, and fish like Salmon. I still eat cream and cheese, just not constantly. Now I just steam some veg then add a bit of oil or butter, then fry a steak. Simple and all the fat you need.

Mistake 2: Consuming Too Much Protein

This was a problem for me. I do like big portions of food. So because my plate no longer had potatoes on it, I thought I should have 2 salmon fillets instead of one. Now I just have 1 fillet with a lot of veg. I was still in ketosis eating 2 salmon fillets, but my ketones levels went up when I cut back to 1.

Mistake 3: Consuming Too Little Sodium

I did have the odd bout of the dreaded keto flu. However I now always salt my food, with Sea, Himalayan or Losalt. I have never had anything resembling Keto flu again.

Mistake 4: Avoiding Saturated Fat

Never been problem with me, I have always been obsessed with Kerrygold butter and Coconut Oil. So I am OK!

Mistake 5: Failing to Plan Meals

This is probably the biggest hurdle for anyone on Keto. The world is not keto friendly, so you have to make yourself keto friendly by knowing exactly what you can eat and where. Nowadays I don’t worry about it so much. I plan what I can, and if I have to have a less strict LCHF day, then so be it. Although I still never eat bread or pasta. For example you can have a McDonalds but not eat the bun. Ideal? no but it is ok on occasion. Plus the longer you do it the more people around you get used to it. For example I went around a friends for New Year’s Eve, fully expecting I would not eat anything as they were putting a buffet on. However they knew roughly how I ate, and bless them they got a few keto friendly items in. Very kind and supportive.

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  1. These are great tips. I find that meal plans are necessary as I transition from a high protein diet. Man, there is not a lot of protein living the keto lifestyle. I struggle daily.

    I do have some questions for you. Net carbs vs. total carbs. Any idea? An avocado half has 6g of carbs. If I eat an entire avocado, I only have like 8 carbs to use. Haha. I have been doing it, but it’s really hard.

    You talked about fat. I am still scared of the fat a bit, but coming to the other side. I’m enjoying my meals. I don’t eat much steak and I enjoy chicken breasts. I’m wondering how in the world do you get the amount of fat you need – with the right fats? I’m really trying to love coconut oil, but I don’t really like the taste of coconut. Nuts are fatty but come with carbs, you know? Carbs live in everything. 😱 I made fat bombs, and I will eat one to up my fat game but it’s only 10g of fat. I’m working on a protein bar recipe, but it comes with carbs too. I have gotten it down significantly, but still.

    Sorry for hijacking your blog.


  2. Hi,
    I live by total carbs. I have been doing it a year, and have found 80g of total carbs keeps me in ketosis.
    If you are just starting out keep it under 20g net carbs. I know what you are saying about avocados, but they are worth the carbs they are. They are a nutrition powerhouse. Lots of fats too.
    Rather than chicken breast, eat the thigh and leg. Rather than a pork steak, eat belly pork. Cook any fish or meat in butter… and you will find you don’t need to worry about extra ways of getting fat into your diet.
    Good luck.


    1. Thank you for responding. I asked because you know what the heck you are doing – obviously.

      I think I have been making a mistake by doing 26 g of total carbs. It seemed very low and I have been losing water like crazy. I have been going to the bathroom all the time. Maybe too much of a drop?


      1. Yer that’s probably a bit low, the bathroom trips ease over time haha.

        I just keep things simple. A meal is generally a load of leafy green veg, a lump of protein, and throw some oil or butter on top. Can’t go to much wrong with that.

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