This sauce is amazing. Such fatty goodness, and so satisfying. It is also really easy to make, but elevates the dish.

I make it with Lard, but you can use Butter especially if you are a vegetarian. I only really use lard because I use butter a lot day to day, so it just adds a bit a variety. Plus Lard is very cheap.

In this recipe I use Lamb Steaks, however I believe this sauce would go well with any meat or fish. It could even find its way onto Salads pretty easily.

Ingredients – Serves 2

2 Lamb Steaks – £3

Brocolli Tenderloin – £1

Kalettes – 60p

For the sauce –

Lard – 100g, 30p.

1 Shallot – 10p

Fresh Tarragon – 35p

2 cloves of Garlic – 10p

2 egg yolks – 30p

Apple Cider Vinegar – 2 teaspoons, 10p.

Salt to taste

Instructions – Prep Time: 5 minutes. Cooking Time: 20 minutes

On a medium heat, cook the chopped shallot, chopped garlic and tarragon in the Lard. Be careful not to burn anything. If you do, it’s best to start again. After 5 minutes, add the vinegar, take off the heat and put it to one side. This is the first phase of the sauce.

Fry the steaks dry, or with butter. For as long as they need. I prefer medium rare, so 5 or 6 minutes.

In this time do any veg you like for a side dish. The photo is steamed broccoli and kalettes, which again takes 5 minutes or so. As I like my veg slightly undercooked.

Plate your food. Then take the beginnings of the sauce, and pour it all into a mini food processor. Add two egg yolks, and then blitz it. It you want the sauce a bit thicker, add more yolk. Then pour the sauce over your meat. Yum yum!!!

There are loads of Béarnaise types sauce recipes out there, all with varying degrees of difficulty. Mine is a very easy and quick version, and still tastes great.

The full meal per serving; you are looking at around 950 Calories, Total Carbs 5g (3%), Protein 49g (21%) and Fat 79g (76%). These figures are taken from MyFitnessPal, so you could argue the figures up and down a bit but you get my point. The meal per person is around £2.90.

The meal comes in at 950 calories mainly because of the Lard. If you want to lower the calories, then use butter in the sauce.