Christmas time is nearly here, and will soon be over. So soon there will be 000’s of January diet articles. With this in mind there seems to be more Low Carb articles around this week, than normal.

One being a story about Kim Kardasian, which sadly will probably do more to promote LCHF than any well thought out Study!!!


Also a study from the Mayo Clinic has been picked up by main stream media this week.


I have chosen the Mail, as I am from the UK. However a lot of other media corporations have wrote basically the same article. I tried to find the actually study from the Mayo Clinic website. However I could not get on the site, surely I haven’t been blocked as I will have an English IP? I am presuming it’s just a random problem. I will add a link if I can get on later.

In summary the article states that Low Carb Diets are best for rapid weight loss, however should only be used for 6 months. As after that you will be at risk from health issues, and they actually mention Cancer and Cholesterol. They blame this on that when people lower carbs they increase protein too much. So this will upset Atkin advocates more than Ketoers, as Keto is a moderate protein diet.

Articles like these are just so lazy, they are basically glorified headline grabbers. Unfortunately articles like these will get more common place, as more people actually lose weight in the real world on Low Carb diets. Media will be driven to report on it, but they will have very little knowledge on the pros and cons. Meaning Keto will just be lumped in the melting pot with diets such as Atkins.

Never mind that the Study seems to be flawed in itself. The fact that it is self-reported data, means the study is effectively pointless. As they probably asked people to write down that they had eaten 6 months ago, or at best had them doing weekly food logs. As humans we all know we don’t write down everything we do…. I have told no one this but I had an Ice Cream at the cinema while watching Rogue One shhhhhh. Ask me in 3 months’ time when I last had an ice cream, I will probably be all holier than thou and say “oh you don’t eat ice cream on Keto”!!!

Then the article and study loses what little respect I had for it, by spieling out old dogma on cancer and cholesterol. Presumably blaming dietary saturated fat, come on people seriously!!!

They also make a tiny mention of the health benefits LCHF has, namely that it controls Blood Sugar Levels. Do they go on to state that this would benefit millions of people with Diabetes? Don’t be silly, why solve something with diet when you can take medication.

They say all publicity is good publicity. So I hope people read these articles and try LCHF to lose weight. Then when they realise how good they fell, they will do their own research, and learn about all the long term benefits. Then stick with it for the long haul.

On a brighter note there was a LCHF endurance article about Zach Bitter. Which is basically a Ketogenic Endurance dream.



Please find part 13 of the Tim Noakes deposition attached.


Obviously if you enjoy any of the parts 1-13 please, check out all of them when you have time on http://www.thenoakesfoundation.org/

I am sharing them individually on a weekly basis, to try to reach as many people as possible over a decent period of time. Its important people know what is going on. My blog isn’t going to change the world, but if 1 person a week finds out about the Tim Noakes trial that didn’t know about it before… then I have helped in a small way.